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A Strange Experience

When I think back to when I first came to Yangchenphug I remember couple of days I spent in the class without any conversation to the strangers around. I remember the shy faces of my classmate without any remonstration to each other. My simplicity probably did not help but even when trying to make friendly eye contact to convey that I was no threat, it was quite opposite. So I simply smiled and walked away.

After my first couple of weeks experiencing Yangchenphug and trying to take simplicities and complexities of the school, I was invited to an event where I will never forget; both surprising and special. Firstly I didn’t know the people who were inviting me to this occasion were some relative of a relative of my gracious host Samten. Secondly I didn’t know why I was being invited and thirdly I didn’t even know what the occasion was.

It was explained to me, calmly, that the gathering would comprise of many friends, which sort of answered my first question. I was then told that the reas…