A Strange Experience

When I think back to when I first came to Yangchenphug I remember couple of days I spent in the class without any conversation to the strangers around. I remember the shy faces of my classmate without any remonstration to each other. My simplicity probably did not help but even when trying to make friendly eye contact to convey that I was no threat, it was quite opposite. So I simply smiled and walked away.

After my first couple of weeks experiencing Yangchenphug and trying to take simplicities and complexities of the school, I was invited to an event where I will never forget; both surprising and special. Firstly I didn’t know the people who were inviting me to this occasion were some relative of a relative of my gracious host Samten. Secondly I didn’t know why I was being invited and thirdly I didn’t even know what the occasion was.

It was explained to me, calmly, that the gathering would comprise of many friends, which sort of answered my first question. I was then told that the reason I had been invited was because I had never experienced the marijuana, which I thought was strange reason to invite, but fair enough I accepted the invitation with no intention to take up the task. Then the revelation which had me speechless and my eyes wandering to the strangers around and then retreating downward in the contemplation; “a gang fights”. That is where we were preparing for.

I pulled my host Samten aside as I was still in state of disbelief and asked exactly what was going on. The reply was more bizarre than invitation. “There will be lots of people watching us fight and everyone will want to see your strength”. It reminded me of Irish war where men were being judged by their strength, except for the kings absence. I decided to go as I did not want to insult those who had invited me to their group. Plus it sounded curiously interesting.

We drove away from the place after sniffing marijuana, (not me as I was not used to it) to a discotheque of sort. To my surprise I was ushered in with full smiles stretched across the face of those strange friends and was directed and introduced to a girl which apparently had been chosen for me. Her name was known by Chinese (code name) and in actual Euden.  A girl of whom no stunner, was comely proactive, splendid and proactive in her ways of being. I was also given beer for drink and couldn’t restrain the effect of beauty of Euden. In a trice I found myself dancing Euden. The pop of music was beyond the decibels that human are intended to endure, but nothing could distract me from such a ripened opportunity of my life that for the first time in my life thrilled entire networks and neurons in my body and brain.

It was my first experience of love, first experience of passionate kiss and first experience of knowing what love is all about. Wooing a girl for the first time in my life takes me like wooing a beauty of natural affection. She was the one who taught me a beauty of real life. With her guile and wits she taught me all that lies between man and a woman. After tiredness of dancing like 3 hours in that odious mood I went out for some fresh air. From a distance there were sounds of grief. That is what I expected more out of gang fight than those discotheques and I was told that there is a fight going on. Going to the spot of fight I saw the exact opposite of grief- a young man running to the spot extremely drunk and shouting at the top of his voice in joy. Later he decided to scale a road edge and it almost turned out to be a double event.

 It was crazy time in my eyes but I am glad I was invited. It was something I will always remember though I never even know those people who have been friends for a night. I was certainly in the middle of something and now I understand why the word “ gang” is used broadly…


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