Forbidden line

It was a normal day, but unlike any other. This was the day he was looking for since the epochal era of 2009. He was too introverted towards love life during his school days. Keeping apart he entered in a society where apart from the academic management; romance the subject most students successfully and secretly graduate in. Many of his friends where fervently entangled despite so many books that deserve better attention. Now more than seventeen years of his birth, love was still of his radar; he seemed unable to grasp and embrace it to any good effect.

Then along came his princess charming in shinning amours with so many vows that she made him see a wonderful life ahead. He believed in all that she said. A life full of bliss and contentment of all that he wanted. He knew it meant something as it had never happened with anybody before. She must have been a girl he had been waiting for. They were in each other’s company and he felt deeply in love with her. He felt she was the only reason he came into this world. They grew intimate and Druksel looked forward to a life with Sonam
This happiness didn’t last. She kept on changing and moving with the waves of emotion which sometimes made him laugh and sometimes cry. This fluctuation in emotion sometimes makes him craze and there were times when he couldn’t define his own feelings.

One lovely day, the sky was shinning bright. The suns blazing rays shone upon them as they took a stroll down the street to the Clock tower side. He knew what she would say next. They took up a seat towards a side and both sighs. “What to tell” says Sonam with her wry smile. Druksel rests his head in his hand and thought, “what is the use of life if it becomes a comb nature gives when I have lost all my hairs”? He felt guilty not being able to stop looking to her face. He wanted to let his gut speak out but was afraid if he fails at his first endeavor.
He decided to let her speak out what she really felt for him. She said that she didn’t really know what love was, although she couldn’t say she didn’t love him; she went on to tell her that her parents were of paramount importance. So he thought he would give her sometime and still give it a go.

Although he was struck dump for a while, he decided to show her how it feels to be in love and teach her what love is all about. Yet deep inside his heart he felt the need to respect her parents’ decision as well. So he gave up his love up to her parents favor, but he doubts “can he ever trust a girl with emptiness of his love for two years??” perhaps it is Sonam who would make his dream come true…



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