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A lot of people wander under a widespread delusion  that you have to be given the gifts of the greats such as Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe to write. We assume that real writer can magically write and finish product within no time. Yes, some people are more creative than others but Shakespeare and Poe and any other influence we can think of all did the one thing- which if they did not would mean they would not be influences now; they wrote. That is essentially the key to writing, to write. Other than that, finding what you are good at writing about is the key as well. You should enjoy what you write about, and we should find your writing style- whether it be satirical, creative or satirically creative.

If you write about what is on your mind at the time and you do this often you will find that you write in different styles, especially if you are required to when you have to write a formal document for school or work, it is very different from a poem. So how do you find which style is right for you? First of all, let’s go back to influences; they are not necessary but helpful. If you find that you like the darker side of 19th century fiction then you will probably be better off writing in a grim creative manner; however if you find more solace in self help books you will be writing something completely different.

Imagine you are playing football. When you play for the first time you are just doing that, playing- you don’t really know what your best assets are on the field or even if they exist. After playing time and time again you will begin to learn if you are a strong tackler and maybe you should be a defender; if you have an instinct making you a better goalkeeper or if you are fast and belong running down the wings feeding the striker, or if you are the striker who for some reason just finds it easier to slot home the ball than the others. The same is true in writing, when you write time and time again, you will have different styles but one will eventually stand out more as your forte. So find the writing inside yourself and work with it. Just as experienced player knows to play better experienced writer writes better. They know that writing is process; a series of activities that starts the moment they begin thinking about a topic and ends when they complete a final draft. The works of a writer consists in additions, deletions, rewordings and rearrangements.

In becoming a skilled writer in English, we need to consider almost every word, phrase, sentence and paragraph in ways native speakers of English don not. The errors we make in writing demonstrate the reliable truth that that we are moving through unavoidable factor of language development. Unlike the progress in speaking, reading and listening in a new language, development of writing skills takes time. The process is exactly like learning to play a musical instrument. Few people learn to play fluently without making errors. So, what can we do to progress as quickly as possible from one stage of writing to another? I recommend that you start by bringing up your mind to your school writing and analyze how ideas are presented in your written works especially when information is explained or a topic requires logical arguments.

There are also different reasons for writing. I have met my friends who write to express themselves in poetry and hope that maybe a newspaper will publish it in the school section and I have met pioneering Bhutanese authors like Aum Kuenzang Choden, Dorji Wngchuk and Karma Ura. Who is more qualified? The person who wants it more? One man, an outsider I met told me, “as an outsider I wrote a book on my experiences in Bhutan but I never finished it.” When I asked why he didn’t finish the book and had no intention on finishing it, he explained that the chances of it being published were slim. I had more respect for my friends at school putting their thoughts and emotions on paper for themselves rather than a “writer” who doesn’t understand that the person you should write for is yourself, regardless of whether it is published or not.

If you want to be a rich author; do your research, it is not easy. Most of the well known authors we read today from the past did their best selling after their death, especially Shakespeare. If you were to ask one of the successful modern novelists such as Stephen King, they would tell you that they had to take a risk, a great risk and that they are lucky to be published. There is a lot of competition and a lot of writers who are poor financially, but the reward of seeing your words in print is often a greater reward. No one should be discouraged from writing, from expressing themselves. Your favorite rock or rap star took some big risks in choosing to get into a creative industry too.

So if you’re from a village, the capital Thimphu or from any  schools in the country, keep writing, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what matters is what you have written, after all you will find your own style of writing. 


  1. Man never knew about this great work done here untill when i found out my self. Anyway, its good and very interesting. Keep the candle burning!!

    Simo- President-Musakka


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