Forshadowing of life's lesson in High School

In the mist of azure sky and the prophetic school Yangchenphug, the mermaid of Eden seats in midst of gating self.. Ask her name. "Zhizang" will be her reply and know her better if you want to know that she is actually Zhizang Lhazin. In mist of eternal feminine beauty, she holds a core heart of guy in her class. Better the things may seem in way introvert for a guy like me. However there are better books that deserved better attention.As the day passed by as swiftly as the flashes of lightening, she instinctively believed in the Relativity Theory of Albert Einstein....knowing she must find her way into life despite the high school Lobby Dobby.....haha...

Then along came a charming princes Druksel, despite his clumsiness and a lazy freaked out tradition he is used to, he managed to say at least she is beautiful, and more than that she is pretty cool. Knowing she already has had hand in with somebody, she always was not in a position to believe Druksel. Probably for a good reason and perhaps for genuine jokes that Druksel plays with every time he talked to her. He knew he felt something different about her, But he too knew we weren't meant for each other, after all she is already into one. And possibly knew that she won’t take up a double role he was out of his mission to her insight.

However Zhizang is a charming girl. With her hair clean cut and freshly tied up with a black rubber band in a way with few strands loosely falling over her pretty face, she was of whom any man would dream of holding her hand. " ..."HotDamn....thats my girl ...." was what she usually get to hear often. But being oblivious to the beauty around her and being skeptical about the compliments she get from many boys she was always an indigo kid.

Being born in a high bound tradition of Bhutanese Himalayas, she found herself in a deemed aptitude of getting so many proposal which indeed couldn't define any of her instincts to serve her parents and government. However there were times when she get along with the school mates together, sharing facets of their teenage love and their intern inner governance of life's discipline. She simply smiles and walks away. That gentleness within her is far becoming a legend in times of guy’s adversity like me.

She is a good friend. She is never a worse enemy no less.  And when she appear with her wry smile in school I am sure alot of boys gets tempted with chances of getting being far too less behind. That pretty wry smile some believes could make a heart of steel melt. And that is where a lucky guy in her class got caught within that gentleness of love and grabbed the silence of lamb within her loves reach.   That is an honor indeed. The factual lesson of life's forwarding  indeed has been upon this eternal angel....

And I believe it is worth having to learn the way of world in the far-sight of ones judgment by having such love experiences.



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