A Bad Example

A lot of people in Bhutan often choose modern songs and dance rather than venturing into the traditional dances and songs. Mostly this is due to the modernization or fashion as it may be described, but there is another reason, the people basically those who are into, (performers) seem to show what I called as “bad Example”. When in situation of formal gatherings like “International Youth Day”, guests comprising of his Excellency Lyonpo Thakur and international dignitaries should be treated with traditional shows or with level of professionalism (if modern), which the entertainers like “Happy Valley” lacks. Needless to say that my response is my own and maybe flawed from another’s perspective.

Their perspective between modern dance and traditional suggests that the later is the history preserved and the former the fashion, which I think is wrong in Bhutanese context. The theme for the celebration was “Sustainability; Our Challenge, Our Future” and certainly I found not sustainability of traditional values in those who call themselves to be “Happy Valley members”. In Bhutane4se media, some artists or entertainers as they maybe described either forget this extremely important trait or worse they neglect it. A close friend of mine was in patience to see their dance, but later he realized that he had opted for the worst. I had my friends who simply sang a song in that particular day, and seeing the dance of those who had certificates of degrees in media, I had more respects to my friends than those who hold the degree certificates in media entertainment.
Actors, dancers, or anyone within the field of media organization like “Happy Valley”, enters the career with the sense of greed or just simple the concern for the money. Well, that is they are supposed to be motivated by. If money is the reason then it takes a very strong will to be able to perform what so called modern dance and let high officials witness the gruesome sights, to simply make an extra buck. So I doubt that money is the reason.

So why do people enters into careers concerning media and culture? More than likely they actually do care about culture and want to help it improve. However, Organization like Happy Valley should never forget the primary goal, and especially when the attitude turns into too modern rather than cultural, and detailed flexibility does not show your geniuses. Some would say “well our country is developing and it should adjust such scenes (as that shown by Happy Valley during International youth day) and at times we should act in adjustable within cultural medium.  Yes, our country is developing but NOT the second part, when the dire mood of formal gathering comprising of dignitaries and high officials is in your hands, you should show the value of cultural dignity rather than those unusual dances. Besides, celebrating International Youth Day; there were youths from five different high schools in Thimphu, and you have shown your worst rather than best in front of them.

I would say that, people here are lucky and especially Happy Valley members are lucky that this happened in Bhutan, and people here are not like those in western countries who sue for various, numerous and often legitimate reasons. However times are changing, and one day people who take advantage of the fact that they believe they are safe in their media held positions will be held accountable for any wrong doings perpetrated. In short, a smile on the stage of kelki High School doesn’t compensate for sneers in Happy Valley’s Office. If you don’t care about cultural values, at least don’t show those flawed party dances in front of formal gatherings.

Dear readers I am not accusing those Happy Valley’s, they do good enough job for those themselves. All that I am stating is that our culture is deeply intertwined with our religious perspective and that we need to value it, if an organization does not take up we have our right to say that it is wrong.
Honestly speaking , those dances shown during International Youth Day by happy valley members did not sound very good or perhaps there were realistic alternatives……..


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