First and Last Date

"Hello" the message showed.
"I suppose you are in 11Com B" I wrote.
"I suppose you are our Health Captain" she wrote me back
“I suppose both supposes are correct" I replied.

And we both burst out laughing making our chat grow more interesting. Our chat grew more and more notorious. More so when I started asking her if she would like going out with me. She refused at first, but after taking refuge in mysterious Lam Drukpa Kuenley's myths she was under my control. For the next few minutes I became Walter Mitty dreaming of the next day with my yet-to-be angel. I was detrimental, and wanted to go out with her since the years beginning. When the admission for the class elevens commenced, I was factually counting those pretty girls whom I could call as schoolmates. And there she was unfolding her academic transcripts, showing it to Madam Principal. I wished if only I was the principal of the school.........By then I had an idea,  I knew facebook would do the trick.

"Ambient Cafe? Which one do you usually go to?" asked I tempting to be naughtier. For a few seconds she seemed wordless; perhaps she realized I wasn't joking anymore. "Are you serious?” She asked; and it was my turn of being speechless. "Yes, I mean it" even if you don't come, I usually go to there to take in my holidays.” Wrote I, trying to cover up the embarrassment yet convincing her that she should come.

At last we decided to meet after an hour long chat. I took bathe, presented myself with a pair of best addidas sneaker, black collar shirt and my superman's overcoat. Besides I knew my French cologne which my sister gave me during my birthday would do the trick. The fragrance was strong and I made myself presentable. Being without a girlfriend for all my teens, I desperately needed one. Despite anything,  the thought of all girls being my sister had become psychological effect within me, yet she seemed presumptuous and I saw no reason for not proposing her.

It was dusk when she finally arrived to The Ambient CafĂ©.  I was waiting for her as she approached nearer to me. I was nervous. My heart beats little  faster and I was shaking the coffee in my hand. “Hi” she waved her hand. I never thought she would be that beautiful. For a moment I have had compared her with Monalisa of Da Vinci’s drawing. No, that’s too old for her and I could find her another resemblance; Helen of Troy? Nahh, that’s even older. Well “Jenifer Cavilleri”, yes, although I am not really a big fan of Erich Segal, the character in Love Story served her description the best.

Dumbstruck… "Hi" I shook her warm hand. And the next few seconds became the most memorable part of my life. I could not say anything to her and she was looking at me with her face blanked. It was the longest pause I have ever had. The wait was finally over when she took my hand, and slipped it in her and handed me a written order for cappuccino. Does this damsel even know how to speak? Or perhaps she got that Persian punishment of cutting off the tongue?. I was amazed, and more to that I went onto ordering what she wanted. After a few sips, she breaks her voice in. Thank god. We took our good time there over a cup of coffee, sharing sweet nothings to each other. She restricted her talk within the family realms while I always tried a point to know if she is seeing anyone else. She promptly said no, to which I said if she is now being asked by some other else would she say yes. She gave her Jenifer’s looks and blinked her eye sight.

 I was narrating my recent story in the class, a song sung by my Bumthap friend and when I finished she was laughing a happy laugh. I joined her laughter. I asked her hand and she was giving in. I took her bare warm hand and moved to the car parked below. She insisted going on a ride over Buddha Point which added another euphoria of the exciting moments of my life. We drove unnoticed by the people over the road. Went up till the end and were enjoying the beautiful scene that Thimphu displays during the night. In the car, completely surrounded by the darkness we murmured sweet nothings to each other. I never tried to go across what she didn't want and she was perfectly comfortable laying her frail body on me. I always made it a point to let her know  I love her, yes I just met her (i know what you are thinking),  but her smart headed Cavelleri mentality took it as my stupidity.

In the car perfectly comfortable to each other, we shared our warmth of the body. Hugging each other both of us were in a short nap. I woke up and it was 11.30 pm. I didn't want to disturb her but I could imagine the angry face of my elder sister yelling whereabouts of me all along. I asked her if she want to go as the time is almost 30 minutes to midnight. Then I realized that she has a worst sister than mine. I assured her it will be alright and I took her to her sister's place. Luck favored,  the next day we learned from each other that none of our sister said anything on that.

Another hearty laugh, this time I gave her the Mark Attorney’s looks and I blurted out “I LOVE YOU”. The thought of rejection which followed  almost killed me, yet she said, “I LOVE YOU TOO” 
Finally I realized I had a date with a girl who is more than Jenifeer Cavelleri and I realized I was in LOVE………….


  1. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog from the GMC page and I am wondering if I could feature this post in MY blog as a guest post? :)
    my blog is called The Love Monster, and I'd love to have this in it.

  2. Hey the Love Monster,
    Sure you got it .. no objections at all.
    indeed i am more than happy you chose it .....

  3. zaiiiiiiii... interesting 1st date,, hahahhahahahah

  4. Sounds like things went VERY well! So are you still seeing her?

  5. Yay!!!! .. how is it going in States married man ?.. :)

  6. who is that girl?:)


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