Words of Wisdom

Happiness in Life would be yet another season with your Thought. Life wanders at a constant pace; unknown yet to which bend we might be lured to the sarcasm. We just take up the lighter pace that life has to offer and we neglect some bends of life without realizing that it might be an important one. Life seldom turns out as we dream, but when you stop dreaming that's where you closes the door of your success too. The utmost important thing in life is to treat it positively, warts and all and not just pleasurable part of it.

There is this man I love so much, His Majesty the King , having an honour to meet him and when asked
how he treat on with his life. The answer was simply awesome, His words came from a clear perspective and a genuine concern to make his citizen  know what he possess.

"life is like running a marathon race" he began. " you look at your right side, there are hundreds running, look at your left and there are hundreds running along with you, take a slight sight to the back of you and there are still many who cannot compete with you yet there are also many who has left you. And you are at the middle of many people doing your own part and keeping your pace constant hoping to win yet you don't really know if you are going to  win the race.

Now what do you do ?? if you run faster, you are afraid of fatigue, and if you are taking some time relaxing, you can't because you have got many people behind you. Do you keep your pace constant ? And yet doing so you will be in the same place or perhaps somebody behind you changing the pace might leave you behind. What do you really need to do ?? 'accelerate at constant pace;'. Only you know what energy you have and your own ability. if you think you can do it, you probably should try doing and accelerating your pace.

If you think you can do it, keep going, and yet don not take over the first three. by doing so,  you will encourage others to run more and motivate them to compete.  Just remain in your pace and when you are  100 meters to the ribbon, give your final dash and that's where you win".

When asked how happy was he?, "I am happy" he told, " the reason that i am happy is because I never let myself be an angry or sad person. I control my own emotions and you alone can do it too".

That was the words of wisdom i got inculcated from our majesty. The idea is simple; there are times in life where you need to walk the extra mile. And only by doing so you can get the reward you are suppose get it. So don't be afraid of the sharp bend or the encounter you might face on the way. Focus, and you will win. If you tempt to sway your own resilience; you are yet to win, but not yet. And remember there is a difference between winning the race; and being a yet-to-win.


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