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Thimphu; My capital City

Having walked through the Clock Tower square for some time, I came by Jojo’s building to play Mortal Combat Annihilation. Generally, I’d like to think that humans are intelligent creatures; we undoubtedly have conquered all things necessary. The whack Lui Kang gives to to Shao Kahn is the perfect impersonated guilt. I love the moves. All I do is just put my right thumb up and swing the other thumb in circle. A perfect virtual kick indeed and that took Shao Kahn into his own realm.

Thimphu is such a lovely city. Despite the fact that I moved in here for just two years ago I feel like it is my hometown. All my Yangchenphug classmates claim that it is their hometown. But Thimphu is more than that. The segments of unattended dogs, the wavering highway besides a wavering Wangchu river are the perfect depiction of its beauty. The elegant Buddha Statue shining all way from Kuensel Phodrang is the magic possible only as mirage. The serene natural beauty at around all the green belt zones sign…