Are You Afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon

The two brothers, Andrew Kingsley and Tanner Kingsley owns a company. It is the largest think tank and the biggest commercial entities of the world. The brother both seems to be genius in every field and their company is being named as Kingsley Groups. However there draws certain differences between the two. Andrew wanted the company for the well being of the third world countries, while Tanner wanted it for fame and glory towards commercial purpose. Tanner had the ill feeling for his brother since childhood days as he used to be assumed as second Kingsley in every top every field. he hated his brother for it.

Tanner planned a conspiratorial murder to his own brother. Andrew unaware of such plan was working in the lab and not knowing that Tanner had made a small hole in in his gas mask. On evolving the poisonous gas Andrew fell on the ground, unconscious. he woke up in the hospital, with his mental bow that is not going to come back in this lifetime.

Tanner knowing the vest of power within his hand gradually changed the name to Kingsley International Group and became much more renowned. Richard Stevenson and Mark Harris were one of many scientists working in K.I.G. They happened to die on their way to Washington DC. It was officially declared as suicide case but rumored had it that as planned murder. Diane Steven and Kelly Hawkwarth wives of the respective victims were  suspected of Tanners secret and attempted to murder them. Besides the two, another murder of scientists named AkiraIso and Mendeleine were also highlighted which the later two were working for another company by which when Tanner offered them to work for  him denied.

The FBI's suspicion on Kingsley International group were true when the four death shared a single crucial link, each connecting to all powerful environmental Think Tank K.I.G. The two widow hold the key to their husbands demise. Terrified for their lives, suspicious of each other and armed only with their own wits, guile and intelligence, they joined the forces in a nightmare cycle of hunt and kill and played the game of cat and mice in which they were mice. With their own wits; they could save themselves from from the danger and kills the cat that they have been chasing.

They come to know that it was all because of the  weather controlling machine called *PRIMA* that their husband were murdered and Andrew was never senseless by his own carelessness, but because of his own brother's want of power and glory. At last it was Andrew who destroys his brothers plane by making PRIMA work under his abnormal consciousness. Diane and Kelly were a happy women then that they could at least fight for their husbands demise.

It is truly one of the masterpieces of Sidney Sheldon's thriller. Read it and you will enjoy more.


  1. Must be a nice read. Have you tried "Nothing lasts forever" or "Master of the game"?

    Both of them are also good.

    You can read my reviews at:


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