Broken Promises

The dark cloud with a silver lining made blissful Thimphu town  a dearer place to live in. Life to Kelden was a usual humdrum, plain and normal. Some might say she worked in a local bar. The living tensions grew as the capital geared up for the tobacco control act and the only premise she could go for smoke became her own toilet. In her blues she could call her childhood love Wangchen. A quirk  who can be nick among the tempting girls. He swayed for the gentleness of teenage fabrication that for lustrous Dechen  he became apple of her eye.

It seemed inevitable that Kelden couldn't continue her studies after she lost her only mother to a vicious cancer. The amber hearth-fire back in the village made her conscious of a better job in Thimphu. She seemed negligent about her own concern and was forced to smoke. The vulgar disparities cushioned for the betterment and she was left in a hallow past a bitter present and her future soured with every dawning day. There was no hope. And every time she wakes up, there awaits another bitter day.

Then along came her prince charming; She had known Wangchen since childhood days. At the hindsight it was a mere simplicity when she saw Wangchen. He made her see so many vows ahead which she thought was all true. Blinded by love she believed in everything he said. A better today; and a so many promises. She felt Wangchen as her savior, god and linked apprehension between her past sorrow and promising future. Although they met for just a few moments they were a de facto childhood couple. Wangchen when out of nowhere came into her forgotten chapter She bemused with the repatriation of the love and concealed the pangea  back into puzzle again.

Yet as the climax of her life rose, Dechen stands at another ruled out line. Dechen loved Wangchen deeply. and so did Wangchen however a certain presumptions comes out of Wangchens unconsciousness. He felt deeply sorry for Dechen yet, Kelden could never make her feel the way Dechen does. A love triangle began to exist and at times Wangchen was unaware for which among the two could be his love. Meanwhile, Dechen had her way with Wangchen; unaware of Kelden she seems a happiest girl alive.

At a time rendezvous; she saw Wangchen with a girl, it was Dechen. A cold chill ran down her spine. She was in enigma; after all those promises?, well there is a way she is sure of. By then she had already conceived. She did want to pull him out of her hand; yet she was oblivious to her feelings. She tried to reason her own self, defending her own deeds, and not believing waht Wangchen did to her. She let it go as she didn't want a shotgun wedding. But she was sad. She puffed, drank and rented rooms. The wound  even after healing left with her the scar with the lengthy and heart touching story. Every man left a scar she couldn't hold onto. Her dreams crumbled, promises broken, and her life was at cul de sac .


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