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It was graduate Orientation 2011. Desel was waiting at the far end of the line. She hopes for Sangay with her wistful eyes.  Tandin, seeing Desel for some time alone, walked towards her. At the hindsight it seemed inevitable that Tandin and Desel have been friends since their high school. Desel’s presentiment was always a radiant light for Tandin. Deep down within Tandin felt Desel was the only reason he came into this world. His love for her was boundless. The dark winkling cloud in the sky showed an apt simile for the flinging emotions he had for Desel.

However the fate played a trick. After their high school, Tandin was sent to Sri Lanka, while Desel remained in India. Although distant, they felt happy to be on the same side of the globe. Tandin called her every day, wondering how she might be doing in her new college. He always made it s point to let her know how he really felt, anticipating that she might pick up what he tried to put across some day. He waited for the graduation. With his glowing eyes he waited but in vain.

Desel had her way with Sangay, She never though Tandin beyond her friendship. Unaware of the love within her reach she was the happiest girl alive. Sangay a nick pompous gentleman loved her as she deserved.  Meanwhile, the phone calls between Tandin and Desel dwindled, they were seen rare over face book chat, and calls came far and faint.  Tandin was in the reverie before Desel, standing still as the orientation might as well proceed.

“Tandin, you are supposed to be in the hall now”, it was his friend Sigyel. The broken reverie sent a cold shrill along his spine.  “hmmmmmm.. Where is Desel?”... He asked, “Boy get over with it, everybody is in the hall”. They walked to the hall. Tandin was however hopeful to see Desel. His instincts made him sure Desel would come for him.

After tumultuous and rigorious procedures, the day came to an end. Tandin was waiting by the gate, hoping to have a word with his beloved Desel.  As the conglomeration of graduates dispersed home, he found himself nagging for the only girl he had ever loved. He waited but to no avail.
Towards the dusk, he saw Desel stepping down the hall. He was hopeful after all this hours of waiting. He prepared a best in himself adjusting his ghos and Tegho. He made himself presentable. As Desel walked passed by, he made an earnest attempt to greet her. Yet before that could happen, a voice was heard. It was Sangay. “Congratulations on your graduation dear”, a husky one indeed. They hugged and walked towards the car parked off road.

Tandin stood still, dumbstruck. No remonstration issued. Tears of blood began flowing. He cried, having none to console. In his tears he ran towards the car to make his final conversation with Desel. Before he could grasp his speed, the car sped away with the heavy smoke. He walked with heavy heart, leaving behind the person he loved most in the world. The fumes produced by the car resembled the smoky emotions he had got.

At dawn, Desel woke up in her master suite. She grabbed for her cell phone and saw a message which read;

“Dear Desel,
Despite my earnest attempt to tell you that I love you; you have chosen the otherwise. I am not hopeful anymore, however if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to share your joys, I will always be there. You will remain a precious part of me. A memory that’s never meant to be erased……………………………”


  1. A sad story indeed. Enjoyed reading it. keep posting!


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