A moment with Alice, Cinderella and Snow White

I woke up in the place unknown. the dark midnight hues is everywhere around me. From the far end below, the gushing river flows.  I gave the feeble attempt to walk, but i failed. From a distance, a light glimmer. My instinct told me without a second thought that i should be going to the place. "How did i come here ?, whats my name ?" All questions rushed into my mind yet the the answers seemed to be far from the call.

I walked towards the light through the confines of darkness to seek the answers for unknown questions. I came near the house, an old bungalow; its roof partly damaged. A door so old and the walls full of creeping tentacles of nature. It was a silent one; yet so deafening. My heart pumping more rapidly; undecided whether to go in or not. 

I climbed the walls to see if anybody is inside. Peeping through a hole i couldn't see anyone inside. I climbed down and then went by the doors to knock. Before the knock i made a feeble attempt to imagine what it could be. "tok, tok", Nobody in !!!

"Hello, Anybody inside?".. No answers. 
I opened the door anyhow. i was adamant after such a cold chill over my nap. I got in to take some shelter. The cob webs all around; and the dusts windswept for all time so long. I slowly took a step forward. I  knew I was hearing something. A music of sort; I listened carefully, yes it is music, a piano maybe. I went into the next door, and listened. A music indeed. the sounds are beyond the decibels that any humans were intended to endure, yet nothing could distract me from knocking that another door. 

A knock, and i never knew that would change the mood of me. A moment later, i was surprised to see Cinderella coming towards me and asking for a stance. The room with full of busy people neglecting the sight reminded me of an Irish war.  The rush of hustle and bustle among the group didn't notice my presence. As Cinderella still asking the stance, i was blushed. The red chicks bewildered and i found myself taking her hand, although i wasn't so ready. 

"Am I to believe my eyes?", in the same moment was on the Lilly flower, playing her cute little Piano by her right hand and a violin by her left hand. Rapunzel was dancing heavily on the stage; being applauded by the whole room audience. 
Goldilocks was finishing her porridge, and at the back stood the matchstick girl, still wrapped up in her grandmothers clothes. 

As i danced with Cinderella, my temptation grew more towards Snow White who has been looking at me more so often. i went up to her and asked a stance, she was willing. wow, what a night ! i thought. And then in a meantime, out of nowhere Alice came and dragged me towards the stage; She announces; "People of my Dungeon, today i want to present you the coming of my Prince Charming" . I was shocked. !!!

Everybody applauded aloud, and piano with music began. Everybody dances, i felt little awkward; little insecure, not believing my own eyes. The rhythm of the music was so high, yet it was such a ripened opportunity of my life that for the first time thrilled the entire network of neurons in my body and brain by kissing my dear Alice. 

"Tshewang; You are getting late for Anatomy lecture"; Thinley shook the sleeping giant from his bed. It was Thursday Morning, and still not believing I am alone in my bed, I blamed Thinley for dragging me out of my dream....


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