Twisted Fate

Ugyen was walking home from her evening CE class. A deluded aroma refreshes her face as the light is first switched in her dark room. She then realizes she had not closed her bedroom window. A crimson curtain sways gently as if something is missing. She had it grasped and closed the window. A gush of breeze kissed her chicks as she lay tired from the class. No matter how dark the night, she saw the difference in her life that evening.

At a time rendezvous, the blackout happened. Thimphu didn’t shine in night as it used to. The radiant light has gone. In a darkened room she lay perplexed. She reached her hand for the prayer beads she had and was praying. Quietly had she grabbed the match box when she didn’t remember where she kept her candle. On her windowsill was an unlighted darted candle. She grasped it and was about to light it. The frail thin body of her made sure the candle was at its last stage.At the far corner on the desk was a half burnt photograph of a fine young man. Nestled in the cob web, the photograph shrouded her in mystery. She looked at the photo as candle is first lit in her darkened room. She starred at it and was taken aback.

It was in her high school classes. She used to be the most beautiful girl of her time. The stature and her physique would have surprised any mortal spies and would surely have won the pageant Beauty Queen. Everybody talked about her specimens that most often it became the regular subject of class’s gossip. She was lovely as she was wise; she was gentle as she was intelligent; and with such benign qualities; she was a tactful, yet an anchor for a bewildered Nordhen who was head over heels for her.

Hand in hand, with a crisp breeze, they walked down the clock tower square.  It took them sometime to reach at the centenary Children’s park. They shared their turtle’s dove together. They whispered sweet nothings to each other.  With her head rested in Nordhen’s arm they seemed to be the most loveable couple. The beaded bubbles over the bypassing Wangchu River shrouded them with whirpool of cold refreshing breeze and were in perfect romantic consternation.  “If only Nordhen doesn’t change at all” she thought.

“Damn!!!” she was brought out of reverie. Still holding the half burnt photograph in her hand, the wind form the backside window had the door shut with enormous bang. She couldn’t help the brine flowed down her red chicks,. Before she realized her candle was at its final stage she nipped it off with her finger.  She then slogged herself in her bed with sadness over run, still crunching upon the mystery unresolved. Her dozy about to sleep consciousness resumed her loss of the love of her life. She didn’t know whereabouts of Nordhen after a month later. Some said he was sick, few of my friends said he is dead, and few others even went of saying that he was burnt in a burning house fire.  

Finally clinging upon the hope unreturned, she dazed off to sleep. In her half sleep, she heard her door creaked.  Her prayer beads rattled. The cold air swept over her. She knew something was not right.  Quietly enough, she reached her hand on the windowsill for matchbox; it was not there. She felt creepy. Her heartbeat numbered high, yet she convinced herself it is nothing. In a distant, a faint feeble voice faded in, “What is it Ugyen? It seems something is wrong with you.” She didn’t utter a word. She was scared.

As her scary heartbeat pounced more than usual she eventually grasped for the lantern.  It was Nordhen. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Perplexed, wondering what it is up to, she kept starring at the silhouette.  “Nordhen?, but after all this years ?” asked her finally. With his finger crisscrossing his own lips, the silhouette uttered, “shhhhhh…. I know, but you got to go with me; I have come to take you with me” she looked puzzled. Her head frowned and she gave her hand to him. She felt icy cold. They walked down the meadow, with beautiful landscapes over the fluttering prayer flags. That was her happiest moment ever since Nordhen left her. 

At dawn next morning, Karma a friend of Ugyen came by her house. She knocked. There came no answer. She knocked again. Yet still no responses at all. Out of frustrations she pushed the bolted door. She found her friend Ugyen in her bed, still, cold and speechless. As she walked towards her, she stumbled upon an old diary; she opened up to read;

“Dear Diary,
As number of days near my count of living, I know I cannot hold onto living forever. Ugyen you deserved a better man, a man with full heart not the one with scar on it. Not the one with cancer on it. There are moments when I write down about my own love, but I don’t understand myself why words don’t come so easily. Now I see the true old time for our life is depart, but please don’t misunderstand me.

My dear Ugyen, I am not leaving you, but I am going to go for a very long walk. For now I think my destination is still unknown. I promise I will be with you every time you think of me as I am still in love with you and will be. Darling, I need to go now. I hope we can meet someday, somehow even that be on the pyre. I don’t want to say goodbye, because I really will be missing you.

With Love


  1. A nice piece! Unfathomable yet undying love, is that what you just described? Let us read more of you.


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