Lonely as Always

In the night of desperate hues;
Chants Blossom, the collusion glowing within self,
That of utmost importance is one's fate after death. 
That of utmost guidance we seek under omniscience 

Of the age prevailed they off yonder
Reckoned the beauty of so selfish.
Amidst the journey of a slacken life
A moment  so joyous yet so gloomy;

The pampered son; a father's due,
A daughter summoned to a mother's fate,
Of the play etched between  momentous hate
Is a myriad hues of life's chew.

The blossomed chants; forgone; the salvation seeks;
In a moment so close to death;
A wonder seeks in an eye of superb geeks
An Almighty seems an utmost faith.

The shackles, sickles, honors, fame and glory;
Yielded to a tomb of ash;
Or might you be in a tomb of quarry
To walk your path of ultimate dash

And then the silence peeks;
In an hour of rumbled terror
The darkness creep, and we summon
For the dreary cold, and anguish wind

As the dark undone with dawn,
The inequality peeps in; the facet of one's journey in play
And ye realize the darkness thou wept in
Silent; seeking omnipresent in omniscience
Thou best know; what ye played in thy play. 


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