6 Things that a Bhutanese student should do after Declaring BHSEC XII Result

I write this post with the hope that it would benefit some students at least


Always be vigilant and alert;
Get connected with the media; especially BBS and Kuensel; most often these two are two main stream which announces the various scholarship schemes provided for you. Don’t miss one BBS program and at least take one news paper (kuensel ) in every two days.


       It will happen that students who have had performed not better than you have gotten into Ex-Country Scholarship scheme into Universities better than you are provisioned for/ while you are provisioned only for in country program; How does that happen? Some might say it is luck and faith you have had to god; but congruent to it is the secret of being alert and vigilant about the opportunities around you.   Do you know how to surf internet? Then you surely will know how to access the following webs ;

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Youth Development Fund
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Bhutan Canada Foundation
ChoekgyurLing Foundation

These webs second to the scholarships given to you by the Ministry of Education
. Unlike the Ministry’s scholarship the scholarship here can be or partial or full depending on the sponsors; and most often these websites publish the scholarship datelines before the ministry’s scholarship announcement is made. Therefore; go back to rule number 1, be vigilant and alert; and surf the webs as much as you can, and get in touch with the media, and compete. You surely cannot accept the defeat if somebody who have had performed not better than you have taken the chances; will you ?


       Ask people you know;
when you need something; to your utter dismay something just doesn’t come in handy. If you have relatives of so called Big Shots ask them to forward yourself to their friends or whoever they might know.  This is dramatic, because quiet a good number scholarships are given to the students who are in relation to somebody they know off working in the sponsoring agency; I beg your pardon if this might be wrong but scholarships offered by ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relation) and the RBA scholarships (for medicine and defense) are all given to the relatives of so called Dashos and the “have nots” are left out. So if by any chance you have any known RBA Dasho or people whom you know working in ICCR, you can always tell them to forward you. It if your career and it is you who must be concerned of. And a very funny thing is here students with aggregate of 50% (or even less) get enrolled into such consideration. So you know what to do… grab it.


       If you have held the positions of leaderships during your school days; have meritorious certificates and national level certificates you may well be given scholarship by NGO’s like Youth Development Fund; or some very generous organizations like Choekgyurling Foundation. Don’t feel hesitated; go, and approach them with your application; your hesitation is not what matters; it is your career.


       There is another arena where you can apply for scholarships; If you are from poor and disadvantaged family; or from broken homes; your mark doesn’t matter. Go and try applying to Gyelpoi Zimpon’s office. Every year they send 60 - 85 students to different parts of the world mainly Thailand to study various undergraduate programs.  It is HM’s very generous gift to all disadvantaged students; it is likely that your application will be considered. As said, don’t be hesitated, It is your career.


       If your marks were not good enough; don’t worry, there are so many opportunities waiting for you; it is just that you are unlucky compared to few handfuls, but the time will come when you realize that you are luckier than thousand others.  Just keep up with the constant middle path; keep visiting the webs; I have had mentioned, read  kuensel daily if you can. Opportunities are there, it is just we fail to notice it at right time. And yet who knows; sometimes opportunities can come out of nowhere of places!!!Just Keep Hoping!!!.


  1. A good guide for youth by a youth who has been through it and made his way out...


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