Do you believe in Spirit?

how-to-get-rid-of-ghostsI am not avidly a religious person either; but my believe has been changed since few weeks ago. Few weeks ago, one of my sisters was badly ill. She used to murmur some uncanny words in her sleep which she didn’t really remember when she woke up. Most often she was silent which is unusual and wanted her to be left alone. we granted her wish; she was left alone in her own room; although sick. If we forced somebody in her room; the next  moment will be a bulky eye with her tentacles like hair; with flush of saliva  fretting towards you. Seriously one might have never failed to be reminded of Resident Evil from her looks. So it was better that we kept her with what she wanted. She would not eat much; however we made it s best possible attempt to let her have food but she won’t take it. If she might by any chance feel like eating; we always kept her share.

It was almost midnight; ten minutes to midnight to be precise. I was startled by a sudden sound of scrambling plates. I woke up to find her in kitchen. I was wondering if she might be in need of anything to eat as she slept without dinner that evening. I asked her if she might like to have anything to eat. She didn’t answer me. Rather her look grew more worse. I was little scared so I woke my elder sister too. Without any word; she quietly threw all the broken plates out of window. “hey there is something called dustbin, don’t throw it over like that” I realized myself talking. She wouldn’t answer. My elder sister could not convince her to go back to sleep either. she was in the kitchen squatting with the broken plates and playing with the broom in her right hand.  We made a best possible attempt to take her back to bed; but we couldn’t. It was like “no matter the dog barks; Caravan goes on”.

My eyes were drooping back again; and I knew from the look of my elder sister that she wanted back her sleep too. so we latched the window; and let her be in the kitchen hoping that she would after sometime go back to sleep by her own. It was not what we expected. While I just shriveled in my warm blanket;  I heard a giggle. I was making sure if that was her. My year dragging much near to the rear door, I knew it was my sick sister who was giggling. I went to her and again asked what her problem was; she wouldn’t just answer again. Like a woken zombie, she would stare at those broken pieces of plates and giggle.

I didn’t care much; as she was oblivious to he surroundings. I again went back to my room to take a good sleep. The next morning; when I woke up; all my family were a wake; My in law was holding her right hand, my younger brother her left hand; and my elder sister gave her head a sofa to lie on. She grumbled; she is sweating!!!. She was fervently strangled between her trash of reality and soullessness. Still not clearly awaken from my sleep; I asked her what she wants. With the hush of her outbreath, she said “PROXY”, PROXY, PROXY”. her third say of proxy was weary; she sweat a lot.  I didn’t have the idea of what proxy was until later I was explained by somebody. I asked her name to check if she was conscious even and she said Karma Zangmo was her name. After giving one paracetamol tablet for proxy; she tried sleeping; and we thought she was off for sleep.

Right out of a sudden, she woke up calling “Amma”… It sent the freak of chill through everybody surrounding her. And still grabbing for the hush of breathe; she asked for her mother. when we told her that her mother is not here! she demanded us to give her a mobile phone so that we could call her. We provided her with a mobile phone, and she dialed the number. It was tashi cell number. yes; and there was an answer from other end. The moment other end said hello; she burst out into tears; and asked the person to come and get her as she doesn’t like it being here. She seemed desperate as though some huge loss was on her. I took the mobile from her hand and saved the number she dialed. Finally we called a Lama  and she was asleep.

Later when she was asleep; I rang the number up. A lady responded. I asked her if she ever had a daughter called Karma Zangmo. She was shocked!. and asked me who I was. I told her that it is not important for now and that she sould tell me if she ever had a daughter called Karma Zangmo.; She said karma Zangmo died committing suicide in Samdrup Jongkhar in the year 2005, jumping down from the top of the five flatted building. By then she used to be in Paro and her daughter was with her eldest son.I am not sure; but her despondent monotony over phone suggested me that she was in tears. I just couldn’t believe what happened.

When later my sick sister recovered we started calling her proxy;  and we were surprised one more time to know that karma Zangmo was actually her closest friend while in 2005 when she used to live in Samdrup Jongkhar. It was a chilling experience; and I instinctively believed that something just couldn’t be solved by science alone.


  1. A nice post bro. I have come across the same situation a lot of time. I have been thinking about writing a post on it but never did. You did it today. Thanks for sharing. I am inspired by your post and you may probably see a post in my blog of the same kind in coming days. Yeah, bro, this is really astounding. A dead person's spirit enters a person and the way he talks, behaves and relations he refer to are all ones that the dead person used to do. Science is also short of solutions and answers to some phenomena in the universe many times, I too agree with you.

  2. @Langa Tenzin
    I have a Hypothesis on this subject Langa; a bit of science explanation. Needless to say it is true; that hypothesis will explain my explanation on why such things happen scientifically;
    keep updated; i will have it posted the soonest possible.


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