Encounter with Tsherngyen

First things first; Tsherngyen is the girl I have been wanting to date for like years. Ever since Facebook did its little tricks for getting us connected; I have always anticipated, in asking her out. For every moment she is online, I would make sure to throw a big “hello” with frantic emoticons. I would nag her, poke her, invite her for apps like, “Tshewang has answered few secret questions about you” and never missed to start a conversation. She neither had it in her to ignore me. Ignorance probably was not bliss for her! I have always made it a point to let her bring out of her computer courtroom into an open air of dating.

I am energetic man. It would be wrong to say that I don’t care how others look about me, because for every amount of gel I use in my hair, and for every punk style I make, it is to make myself appear good, and let others think “Goddamn!! That’s the man!!!” No matter what, I believe I can make number of girls to subscribe me on twitter and Facebook and get every detail of my status updates and things I share. How unfortunate I am that Tsherngyen was not in that list. But when something as sweet as words can ever be, after months of chatting over Facebook, I got Tsherngyen out of her room. Of course for a friendly nature walk. Here is the thing, if you want a girl to go out with you, ask her hobbies and say that is yours too, even if that be not yours. Like nature walk won’t be one of your hobbies, but it would serve you pretty good if you say it is yours too, to go out for a nature walk with the girl you like. I know it sounds stupid, but it feels good; I have had it tried.

Matter of fact, these are all humdrum past. After so many moment of failure, I was not hopeful with Tsherngyen. I admit I failed many times in her needs of me. Yet I had tensions of getting into wormholes and get to other side of the universe. After all not doing well in my BHSEC exam would mean a great deal of shame on me. It was different. Now I am being secular. I am on my way to Bodh Gaya with my father. And we stopped in Phuntsholing yesterday for a day long Karmapaya blessings from NaMkhaii Nyingpo Rimpoche. And yes; Tsherngyen was there.

I can be negligent at times. The thought that Bodhgaya is in India had it in me that I missed out my gho in my bag from Thimphu. Neither did I have the stockings to put on. All I had in my luggage were number of jeans, shirts, jackets and fewer inner wears. My long black hanging butt handbag was full. I had a guide map of Bodhgaya printed from home with number of thinner magazines, collection of short stories. I knew it was gonna be a long ride and I wanted myself to be entertained. Sleeping in the car is not one of my options.
And yes, when you are not one among the league of extra ordinary flyers, you have to hit the road. After a tedious journey, I am in Phuntsholing. The temporary shelter with flaps of unhealthy sales welcomed me. I joined the bandwagon with much more enthusiasm delighted and curious to see what it had to offer me for my dinner. The next day would mean a whole day of sitting in Wangkhang, so I made sure I ate less. After all I didn’t want to disturb mobs of genuine interest with my utter uneasiness of going to toilet.

The morning was blissful. To my utter dismay, I have missed out my hair gel and tooth brush. A shop seldom opens as early as 6 am. So I chose not to brush and wash. On top of that I didn’t have my gho and stockings. My aunt with her genuine novelty, asked me to wear her father’s 60 year old gho. It was almost worn out. Few patches of torn parts, in cubed the parcel of several blackened chewing gum patches. The folds were na├»ve, and wouldn’t carry my order of repeated stands. The faded Martha would never get me a girl closed to me. I thought. I was reluctant but I could not think of missing the blessings. So I took in the order. Since I didn’t have a pair of stocking, I wore my jeans inside.

I somehow became analogous to Bhutanese Mr. Bean Today. With very old faded Martha gho over my jeans and curls of hair without gel made me a Tibetan wanderer. The difference is just that I do not speak Tibetan. I was sitting in the wangkhang with thousands of people keeping my head low. I knew if somebody of my knowing is encountered they would laugh at me. No matter what my self esteem holds. So when one is gonna be as low as a beggar, one wouldn’t raise his head up high would he? More so one wouldn’t dare to go to a girl he like with such a intricate mixed of dresses. It was almost end of the day when Tsherngyen noticed me.

When something as ugly as dog fight can ever be in a crowed, you wouldn’t keep sitting and breathing the filthy dust. People around me stood up to chase away the dogs. I wasn’t getting involved. I covered my face with my left hand to take refuge, and that’s were Tsherngyen noticed me. She consistently came to me with her delightful eyes. “alright here is the point, you will not laugh at me for my dress is not good”, I told her covering all my shyness into my powerful words. Who on that day of my knowing wouldn’t laugh at me?. “Are you nuts?, get your blessings idiot; dress doesn’t always make a man”. It was sumptuous words. It belittled me. After a day long insecurity about my dress I found salvation in her words. And ofcourse tomorrow gonna be one more nature walkign day with Tsherngyen.


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