What is soul/ghost? My hypothesis on unexplained Phenomena of soul migration.

Many religions in the world believe and preach about the existence of soul after death. The Buddhism is no exception with so many mysteries overwhelmed with the subject. In my earlier post I have shared you an incidence of w soul migration, the very much unexplained phenomenon whereby a dead person’s soul gets into lively human and shows the characteristics of the dead person. In such instances, the person with dead soul, can pretty much be the same dead person remembering all instances that he/she has done in their lifetime.

The year was in 2003. I used to be in Tsenkaharla Middle Secondary School studying in sixth grade. The school back in the time and a locale as remote as Tashi Yangtse can be tedious to walk for an hour and half. I was just about to change my school uniform when I realized my mother had been sick. Yes, it was no need to medical attention, because from her look and stature I was sure that the soul migration have had happened. “I never see you accompanying your mom like before, where are you up to lately?”, a distasteful question from her made me shrivel. I was dumbstruck. I couldn’t answer any for a moment. She kept on gazing at me, her specimen and physique rendering likeness towards an old drunkard steward. “Who do you think you are?”, asked I out of curiousness. The reply turned out to be more bizarre, “Are you outta your mind?, Don’t you recognize me?, I am your uncle, its me, Bato”.  I was getting frustrated and impatient, “what do you want?” I have packets Khaiinni (tobacco) hidden near the orange tree get it for me, will you?. Before I could go to find her quest, Appa came in; and took care of the rest. When later I went near the orange tree, I found 4 packets of hidden baba under the bush; all wet and almost rotten. And of course you should have found out my latest experience on soul migration in my previous post.

So  to get straight, here is my idea or rather a hypothesis on how it happens. Needless to say that it is definitely true, this is what I feel about it. The law of conservation of Energy says that “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; but can be transferred from one form to another”. A human body can be considered as a type of battery composed of three vital parts;the body framework and matter composed; the liquidity, and the electric charge. My idea is, when a person die; all the framework and matters that constitute one’s body gets rotted and ultimately return back to the mother earth itself. It is here alone that the third division, electromagnetic energy that our brain possess to convey various messages to our body organs stands out. It wanders off, and doesn’t get transferred to other energy forms. This I think is the SOUL.

Now coming to the targeted question of how exactly does a dead person’s soul take refuge in live human body; we need to consider the energy levels of human body. When a person dies, they outburst certain amount of electromagnetic energy into the air which I think is just an alternate form of soul. This threshold level of energy that a soul carries tries to get into the lively from of human body. And this is governed under the given the two chances;

1. IF THE ENERGY LEVEL OF A VICTIM IS LOWER THAN THAT OF SOUL'S, SOUL'S CAN GET INTO IT (thermodynamic second law of increasing entropy/ flow of energy from higher level to lower level to maintain equilibrium).
2. IF THE ENERGY LEVEL OF A VICTIM IS GREATER THAN THAT OF SOULS, SOUL'S ENERGY CANNOT GET INTO HUMAN BODY. (you cannot say that it defy's first statement as it doesn't reverse the process given in first statement, this is because, live human energy is bounded within the framework of structural framework, and composed matter).

Now, the question arises, of why in some places, some supernatural phenomenons are common; and why in some places it is not so common. a randomness of Brownian Motion could fervently be suited; but what i feel is the energy level again. Most often i have seen that such things happen in remote places or rather a within a small population centers. This means that when people are in group; they have the group energy levels that is certainly more than that of souls. In 1100s, Liebault told in his book, that human have energy that can react upon other people's energy with matte of being it healthy or unhealthy. So this is what I think, souls/spirits are uncommon is places of populated areas, towns or cities, because their combined energy level is definitely high, they souls energy being very much lower than that of combined human energy level, they cease to exist. but in rural or places of lesser people it can become dominant, if the energy level they posses can be higher than any individual or combined group.  What are your thoughts on the subject?


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