Wangyels Adventure

Wangyel was with Divine comedy; when his friend Lhazey asked him out on New years Eve. He was just done with Hugo’s Les Miserable's the previous night and was just on with Dante’s work. Besides having volumes of medical books like Grays Anatomy, Guyton’s Physiology and Harpers Biochemistry; his love for literature wasn’t taken away by those medics. He read, and his problem was that he never actually saw all fantasies in life; a flying man, epitome of legendary heroes and the journey through hell. He most of the times found himself questioning; "’Are all author’s in Liars pant?’

But it was out of blue that Lhazey asked for him today. He felt his love return after so many times nagging Lhazey for her beauty and telling her thousand times in his humors that she is the girl he cared most. It wasn’t long since he met Lhazey first in a Supermarket. Living in a lone room, a man of 55kilograms studying medicine with height as average to 174 cm needed to cook his vegetarian  cuisine for a night. He got his broccoli uncoiled, and before he could check if all his ingredients were ready; he knew he missed to get onion gravy. He rushed back to the supermarket, picked up an onion gravy and gave it for invoice. An oriental girl standing in the queue took his bill before he could get his hand on.

“Oh, I am sorry; I didn’t mean to” the girl blushed.
“Oh my god!, I really do mind it, especially when my bill is taken by a oriental beauty like you.” He scoffed, giving her a gentle laughter of combining her seriousness with his humor.

Before he flipped the second page, the hour hand stood at 8 pm; the party was still an hour away, but the thought of presenting himself a smart man rook him to shower. Got on with his tuxedo and laced up a fine shiny leather on his legs. With Ray Ban over his sights, he knew she was going to love it. He sped away, sitting behind the wheels of his Toyota Car.

“God knows that I’m alive…..” , Celine Dion was at her peak pitch when he parked his car near her house. The song played, as he gagged his smile, pondering over what his night might bring to him. He got his hand to check for his cell phone and found missing.  ‘Damn! I forgot to pick it up from the table"’. He goes to her flat, expecting her to be all dressed and ready for the night.
“knock, knock”, there was no answer. There wasn’t any sign of movement either. He cursed his cell phone. He carefully checked the door and was unbolted from inside. “Is anybody in?” he enquired. He went few steps more inside and was surprised to see his night partner all bleeding red, and dying without a word. “lhazey, who was it?, tell me". He held her tight and saw a gun next to her. Before he could get the gun. the police have arrived; and he was charged for murder. Hw woke up behind the bars. He couldn’t say a word!. He did not have reason to. There were his finger prints all over gun and the victim. He was in enigma to himself.
An year later, a young man of his own age came to visit him  to his cell. He did not have any idea of who the guy was. He handed him a roll which had it written “I hope you have had enjoyed your time well; Lhazey was fake; her real name is Doelkar, She framed you. For what reasons? Go ask yourself”. He took bit of a time to realize. But before long he understood; He stepped out of bars a Famouse author! He didn’t have to continue his medical study now. He got away from all this hustle of books.  “but Shit, why prison?” Doelkar knows the best.


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