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Encounter with Tsherngyen

First things first; Tsherngyen is the girl I have been wanting to date for like years. Ever since Facebook did its little tricks for getting us connected; I have always anticipated, in asking her out. For every moment she is online, I would make sure to throw a big “hello” with frantic emoticons. I would nag her, poke her, invite her for apps like, “Tshewang has answered few secret questions about you” and never missed to start a conversation. She neither had it in her to ignore me. Ignorance probably was not bliss for her! I have always made it a point to let her bring out of her computer courtroom into an open air of dating.

I am energetic man. It would be wrong to say that I don’t care how others look about me, because for every amount of gel I use in my hair, and for every punk style I make, it is to make myself appear good, and let others think “Goddamn!! That’s the man!!!” No matter what, I believe I can make number of girls to subscribe me on twitter and Facebook and get ever…

What is soul/ghost? My hypothesis on unexplained Phenomena of soul migration.

Many religions in the world believe and preach about the existence of soul after death. The Buddhism is no exception with so many mysteries overwhelmed with the subject. In my earlier post I have shared you an incidence of w soul migration, the very much unexplained phenomenon whereby a dead person’s soul gets into lively human and shows the characteristics of the dead person. In such instances, the person with dead soul, can pretty much be the same dead person remembering all instances that he/she has done in their lifetime.

The year was in 2003. I used to be in Tsenkaharla Middle Secondary School studying in sixth grade. The school back in the time and a locale as remote as Tashi Yangtse can be tedious to walk for an hour and half. I was just about to change my school uniform when I realized my mother had been sick. Yes, it was no need to medical attention, because from her look and stature I was sure that the soul migration have had happened. “I never see you accompanying your mo…

Failed Another Test

Like fruits, shaken free by an impatient tree, From the veil of its seed a growth of shrubs; And ye be shrub; and thou flower, Thou comest, the soothing flame, in gentle breeze Of whirling in frantic dance 
Amidst the the wind-lashed cloud and infuriate shower, Whilst trampled by thy turbulence doth Scattered all thy fate in an eddying agony to death. Yet in the tempest of mood, Doth i write this trying to be Keats But ye know how thy Keats ain’t And ye Knowth the Best. 
Of yore in a sour wait of moment; No lobby for playing ye charm, For doth I not your prince charming; Wait; and let live the life; for it unwraps The hope of ye, fulfill.

Do you believe in Spirit?

I am not avidly a religious person either; but my believe has been changed since few weeks ago. Few weeks ago, one of my sisters was badly ill. She used to murmur some uncanny words in her sleep which she didn’t really remember when she woke up. Most often she was silent which is unusual and wanted her to be left alone. we granted her wish; she was left alone in her own room; although sick. If we forced somebody in her room; the next  moment will be a bulky eye with her tentacles like hair; with flush of saliva  fretting towards you. Seriously one might have never failed to be reminded of Resident Evil from her looks. So it was better that we kept her with what she wanted. She would not eat much; however we made it s best possible attempt to let her have food but she won’t take it. If she might by any chance feel like eating; we always kept her share.

It was almost midnight; ten minutes to midnight to be precise. I was startled by a sudden sound of scrambling plates. I woke up to fin…

APEMS – Assistance for Privately Enrolled Medical Students

Are you a freshly passed class XII Student? Or are you a teacher or parent to the fore mentioned category. If So, I would like to share you about What APEMS is, it's benefit, advantages of holding onto one, which place is better for you, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?, Does it discourage students from lower socio-economic background to take such a chances?.. Well you are going to see it!! 

APEMS stands for Assistance for Privately Enrolled Medical Students. By it acronym, and its name it is defined somehow to be looking like just assistance by which in that matter you are actually paying for your own course. This is completely wrong idea. In proportion to other international scholarship awards; APEMS sanction actually is a very generous scholarship offered very diplomatically, or rather I would say only those students who are well aware of it are delighted to take the chances. Those coming from poorer background are discouraged definitely just by the acronym and its name. I would like to…

6 Things that a Bhutanese student should do after Declaring BHSEC XII Result

I write this post with the hope that it would benefit some students at least
1.Always be vigilant and alert;
Get connected with the media; especially BBS and Kuensel; most often these two are two main stream which announces the various scholarship schemes provided for you. Don’t miss one BBS program and at least take one news paper (kuensel ) in every two days.
2.It will happen that students who have had performed not better than you have gotten into Ex-Country Scholarship scheme into Universities better than you are provisioned for/ while you are provisioned only for in country program; How does that happen? Some might say it is luck and faith you have had to god; but congruent to it is the secret of being alert and vigilant about the opportunities around you.   Do you know how to surf internet? Then you surely will know how to access the following webs ;

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Youth Development Fund
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Bhutan Canada Foundation