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The Journey ( Part II )

Thus we reached  Bhutan! And Phuntsholing it was. Heading into a restaurant directly, we ordered everything that we think is Bhutanese to relish our yearlong not-having-Bhutanese-dish period. The hair didn't do its best trick since last night's journey; so I caught myself into the bathroom to have those pesky dusts go off me. We had what we asked for. Food we wanted; and food we ate; pointing out how we craved for Bhutanese dish for being away from home all year and eating Alu Paratha.
The eating came as a disguise when we reached Gedu. My friend, a benign shy guy presumptuously made a big sound fart. I looked at him with full of question and he gags of with sly smile. "Probably the fermented curd didn't make my stomach well", says he. "It shouldn't matter as long as you don't fart in front of me like a dog", I remarked. "I wasn't alone when I had those mixed red rice with fermented curd and dried beef curry; you may not be as far"…

The Journey ( Part I )

Yes; the journey started; of uncool humid heat that suffice the second dirtiest city in the world to a hefty place of family and friends. Life isn't just fair to say that everything is good; neither has life been an astounding journey to me. Yet being secluded in general drama of opening the books late night and wiping away the sleep in early morning; it was a generous gift, a holiday. The thought hadn't crossed my mind until our next semester exam got scheduled a month later; therefore; it was a head on start.

The sun didn't approve of our late bidding to tickets; and it was dusk before we cautiously prepared for a whole night journey. The flight is much gentler; I did realize. The constant bumps in the butt and the truncated horn in the middle of sleep do not usually deserve better commentaries. Neither does the swift of wind which is flawed as the mighty carrier slowed. The apparent fluctuation in fuel tank fill up doesn't help the despair either. The game was on a…