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The Conference with the vacation!

Hello Folks!
Yes I am back; and it is rainy in Dhaka as late. While it makes weather to be cool and calm negating the excruciating heat of the time; it creates lots of mud scores on the streets and most often my bus to the class is stranded on the way. But that is fine because I get to sleep more; and well if you say sleeping is the waste of time; I have heard quiet poignant adage saying sleeping is the best meditation! The traffic doesn't help at all! Just as always, the city flocks in huge number of cars, buses and lorries not to mention the bikes and rickshaws that often leads the way outward. Whatsoever, I am back now; and I am cognizant enough to say that now I feel like a doctor with wards and Outpatient Department taking most of my times!

It has been a while, and I admit I am such a lazy one. On it's list was my travel schedule that kept me busy for the past month. Good vacation it was! I was in Mumbai with 12 hour layover on my way to Colombo for World Conference on Y…