The Conference with the vacation!

Hello Folks!
Yes I am back; and it is rainy in Dhaka as late. While it makes weather to be cool and calm negating the excruciating heat of the time; it creates lots of mud scores on the streets and most often my bus to the class is stranded on the way. But that is fine because I get to sleep more; and well if you say sleeping is the waste of time; I have heard quiet poignant adage saying sleeping is the best meditation! The traffic doesn't help at all! Just as always, the city flocks in huge number of cars, buses and lorries not to mention the bikes and rickshaws that often leads the way outward. Whatsoever, I am back now; and I am cognizant enough to say that now I feel like a doctor with wards and Outpatient Department taking most of my times!

It has been a while, and I admit I am such a lazy one. On it's list was my travel schedule that kept me busy for the past month. Good vacation it was! I was in Mumbai with 12 hour layover on my way to Colombo for World Conference on Youth; where I got bland tea without sugar instead of latte. The lounge as expensive; I was trying to get around for the 12 hours and got to know that Russel Peters wasn't wrong in saying Mumbai smelt poop. The inbuilt of the airport and architecture design are beautiful no less. The grand mixture of modern paints with Big B hovering the "Welcome to Mumbai" and with SRK in his coveted looks to Karina Kapoor! The grandeur even reprises the joy when you see the medieval Indian rural paints over the walls. Good interior none the less! "Dill Mangi Moore, Mumbai"

Of all my days I have been hearing good comments over JETAIR. Pardon me, but I didn't enjoy the Jet flight. I don't mind for small screen size in-front and un-sterilized blanket and headphone; but I believe there should be good meal on board. My taste on Indian food is not so bad either. However the meshed potato with few pulses and lots of turmeric made it a bad moment for me. Not a Big fan!.

Now, if there is any second Singapore out of Asia; I believe Sri Lanka would shine well. With highest of the literacy rate within the region, governmental policies focusing on youths and with huge natural and human resources; Sri Lanka has got all it takes to be next Singapore. While in the main plenary of the Youth Conference, The President has clearly stated that youth have highest of importance in Sri Lanka's Developmental Policy. And this alone will have good long term effect. With ousting of the LTTE, Sri Lanka generally remains to be peaceful and promising state thus far.

The Conference saw youths from all over the world! Two national delegates from each country, international delegates, under-represented youth and special interest group. We discussed over the MDG's and Post2015 development agenda with thematic concentration on mainstreaming youth in future developmental goal. Besides this, the youths also deliberated on various themes and foundation laid therein. Few of which I caught up with was 'Good Governance and Accountability, Equall Access to Quality Education and Universal Access to Health. Further other topics concerning gender, environment, entrepreneurship and globalization were deliberated. At the end, we drafted a concrete resolution called the Colombo Declaration, which would be presented to ECOSOC Youth forum on June 2 before getting it endorsed to be taken to present in 69th UN General Assembly.

Next was Bangkok, Lucky as I maybe; the organizers booked by tickets via Bangkok which left two of my other mates envious because theirs was from Mumbai itself. The Sri Lankan airlines, one of the best I have ever been on. The fabulous crew greets with the gracious "Ayubhuwan" the moment you are on. With large flat screen in front with all sorts of collection of drama, TV, musics and movies! You don't find your choice? plug your own drive, there is a reservation for that. Sterilized blankets and headphones with the label "this has been sterilized for your protection". Well, the best part; they have flight meal menu to choose from. You can literally order whatever you want on board! Sri Lankan, Indian, continental; you name it. Stopped for few days there; caught up with few friends who teased me over my pronunciation of "sperm mail" instead of "Spam". Checked few malls, buying nothing; ;) Sounds economical? Hey, I was just stopping by!

Got home and again got catchy with few friends I thought has been lost since high school! Went out; drank hard, puked out, danced to bone!  Good Vacation all in all! Regards to all friends!

The beautiful young minds in WCY2014!


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