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Happy New Year 2013

Hello Folks,

As the time passes by and gives dawn to yet another year; I just can’t help thinking how fast the time goes. A glimpse back at 2012 and I am sure all of us have varied memories; some smiles, some with a pangs of separation and hurt, some with a progress still held up high;  some of us with little share of all. Its 2013, another grand Beginning; and I just can’t help penning down what was like a year that was ushered with prediction of Doomsday which never happened, a crazy ride of youth killing twenty-eight people in Connecticut, and a recent rape murder in India that flushed all the media houses and journals; All in all, it was a year, of humdrum and normal with little hush, just to remind us of things existence, of all, goods and bad, and love and hatred.  A year that was feared yet overjoyed with excitement of dying all together. 

As to me, 2012 was a pretty much good train to ride on. There of course has been bad times a few; but at last what matters is how good on…