Happy New Year 2013

Hello Folks,

As the time passes by and gives dawn to yet another year; I just can’t help thinking how fast the time goes. A glimpse back at 2012 and I am sure all of us have varied memories; some smiles, some with a pangs of separation and hurt, some with a progress still held up high;  some of us with little share of all. Its 2013, another grand Beginning; and I just can’t help penning down what was like a year that was ushered with prediction of Doomsday which never happened, a crazy ride of youth killing twenty-eight people in Connecticut, and a recent rape murder in India that flushed all the media houses and journals; All in all, it was a year, of humdrum and normal with little hush, just to remind us of things existence, of all, goods and bad, and love and hatred.  A year that was feared yet overjoyed with excitement of dying all together. 

As to me, 2012 was a pretty much good train to ride on. There of course has been bad times a few; but at last what matters is how good ones exceed those bad ones.  It was a hush in situation, to get admitted here in Dhaka University, just at the beginning; and only a month later I found myself galloping with volumes of medical books which I never thought I would learn. The progress was good, in line I got along with friends of whom I will keep them for life. There was few times of emotional fluctuations; but that's just life. There ain’t really nothing good without bad.

As I pen this down, marking  the beginning of 2013; There are fireworks going on outside. The pop up burst, and clangs of shout. I can see the excitement of people; each of them; wanting to get crazier than the other and get higher with the Euphoria than the last they have had.

As for me, am in tiny cozy room, in a sidelined International Dormitory, in vast span of Dhaka University area. I look up to walls and tell them; they are my great friends, goes to the study table and call them my salvation; take a cup of coffee and am glad god gave this part of the time to have at least a drink. The room doesn’t feel tiny at all; in a celebration as grand as New Years Eve, a lone man standing in his room without a glimpse of friends and family is indeed, a lone man in vastness of Universe longing for better days past.

Talk about resolution, and many thoughts top  my head. I smile at myself, with pangs of longing friends back home, thinking what I could have done if I were home. A bunch of grey hounds in a place with highest decibels human can ever endure  doing our “shake your bone;; bone”. The tube light atop my wall glimmers; and takes a dark low glow to pop up another chance of lighting!. A celebration indeed!. What more can a lone man sitting in vastness of his tiny room be celebrating? At last only thing worth doing was penning down my resolution; as yet too many of them. I conjure all of them up and summed up to one resolution; “To Be a Good Human”.Take whatever you might; but I assure you My criteria for “good Human” can’t be far from yours!

As we gear up with 2013, Lets draw our hopes nearer to our progress and commitments; towards our good energy. Let all those bad things which happened; leave behind us in the year that has happened; Its a new beginning and we have to start anew. A new hope with new blessings and new aspirations to be fulfilled. Its about forgiveness; Forgive it so. Its about Celebration; celebrate it. If you are reading this;  Lets usher hope together; of a bountiful 2013, with fulfillment of wishes that we have ever had with glory ripping ever after.

Happy New Year !!!


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