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Charred Lung for Enlightenment!

The buzz doesn't go off the range on call of duty. Neither can an uncanny physique of faint lady appearing off the minds curtain. Life unveils the charismatic de-facto on a level you know less of. The control doesn't cease. Nor does our conscience of wanting what we wish for. The futile justice of politicians;  level of statesmanship and eloquence of their words doesn't do no despair. But well neither does a humming songs of amateur blokes elude our tempts. We are lost! just like the fading winds in the leash of loosing more; concerning less of whether we have more to give than to take from. The law doesn't stop; built upon the greed of natural evolution! The stage is on and it is yours to play!

The pact doesn't get any worse! A smoking monk? corrupted politician? biased journalist or untended repose of highest echelons!  The reasons hummed from the tums of note that monk doesn't have agreements with Buddha not to smoke. That reckons the slightest bits of our …