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Nasty Rascals Around Me…

In azure sky of prophetic Yangchenphug Those nasty rascals around me Sharing their own memoirs of goodness And their charm of life, are:
Contemplative Bumthanp,Samten Wangchuk And dawning Ap Sha, Magic Pencil, Reflective Ngalop Rin Penjor And a glancing dude Dechen Wangchuk Forget not to mention our Chettala, Nagay Dorji
The life through which I gallop Play by them, a part not minor And in freedom walk I in nature’s bounty For it is life worth to live with these Rascals
A glimpse at the drifting lives of ours, Memoirs a lot, but a part do I share:
          An angry face of Bumthap in a fight of friendship’s woe
    Yawning for share of women’s love an excited Phub, Magic Pencil Private Property, to which he is sworn to, is a face of Dechen, And a lapse of jokes on his face, an adorned Penjor Follows Namgay Chetala wooing the suitors of pretty lady             And yet, Remain I, in captive of a woman unknown
Alas... When the hope of friendship gleans its cleansing path, The warmth that pervades our thoug…