Nasty Rascals Around Me…

In azure sky of prophetic Yangchenphug
Those nasty rascals around me
Sharing their own memoirs of goodness
And their charm of life, are:

Contemplative Bumthanp,Samten Wangchuk
And dawning Ap Sha, Magic Pencil,
Reflective Ngalop Rin Penjor
And a glancing dude Dechen Wangchuk
Forget not to mention our Chettala, Nagay Dorji

The life through which I gallop
Play by them, a part not minor
And in freedom walk I in nature’s bounty
For it is life worth to live with these Rascals

A glimpse at the drifting lives of ours,
Memoirs a lot, but a part do I share:

          An angry face of Bumthap in a fight of friendship’s woe
    Yawning for share of women’s love an excited Phub, Magic Pencil
Private Property, to which he is sworn to, is a face of Dechen,
And a lapse of jokes on his face, an adorned Penjor
Follows Namgay Chetala wooing the suitors of pretty lady
            And yet, Remain I, in captive of a woman unknown

Alas... When the hope of friendship gleans its cleansing path,
The warmth that pervades our thought
Transcends to yet another history, of a life yet more fun
In a tune of sweet hope I do write this hopeful poetry
To outstretch the reach of friendships’ bounty
Of yore, embraced a drifting and gliding life among these rascals
Of innocent tempest of teens glory with life’s fury
Across the path smothered of mystic destination
Unknown to where we might reach.

For it is life… see not us in illusion,
With a bond tight of friendships knot, savor
Free, Confident, Selfless Dedicated and Composed
Conquering the mirage of truth in life’s awakening
On our duty to The King, Country And the People of Bhutan.


  1. My god you are just a student and you are full of madured ideas. Your language is so fine and you have kept a well managed blog. You a Something great! Keep going!

    By the way, your blog is using font color that dims into the background. And, you write your name after the post, which is not necessary, because it will be done automatically, be it on your blog or on the WAB blog.

    I am proud you are with us on WAB. You will do something!

  2. thank you sir, and for your information,
    Contemplative Bumthap Samten Wangchuk was a student of you in Bajothang,... do you remeber him ??.. we use to talk about you...
    gues syou are IT teacher??...
    anyway thanx


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