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I am stressed.

Science students never seems to be outrightly scientific in a school so called Prophetic school. More so when one is stressed with unbearable burden not knowing what to do. Like any obedient student I obey the school rules and I make my time worth staying; Yet  I am stressed. You might wonder why?. Hooosh.... !!  Time really does fly. Two years ago, I walked in a very renowned school, Yangchenphug. I carried a academic transcript with my science mark leveled "91". I walked in the class with my heads held up high. Choosing my stream as science was my definite thought as i had excellent mark in all three science subjects. Being a school captain in my previous school, All the ethical values listed in my transfer certificate were marked "Outstanding". My admission wasn't a problem at all. 

Two years,  almost coming to an end, and i am worried that my marks might not be marked "91" now. I am stressed because I don't think I can perform well this time.…

First and Last Date

"Hi" "Hello" the message showed. "I suppose you are in 11Com B" I wrote. "I suppose you are our Health Captain" she wrote me back “I suppose both supposes are correct" I replied.
And we both burst out laughing making our chat grow more interesting. Our chat grew more and more notorious. More so when I started asking her if she would like going out with me. She refused at first, but after taking refuge in mysterious Lam Drukpa Kuenley's myths she was under my control. For the next few minutes I became Walter Mitty dreaming of the next day with my yet-to-be angel. I was detrimental, and wanted to go out with her since the years beginning. When the admission for the class elevens commenced, I was factually counting those pretty girls whom I could call as schoolmates. And there she was unfolding her academic transcripts, showing it to Madam Principal. I wished if only I was the principal of the school.........By then I had an idea,  I knew faceb…

Contrasts in Life

I am but a humble Bhutanese. I was born Bhutanese and nothing is going to change the fact that I am Bhutanese. Among the three ethnics of Bhutanese; Ngalops, Lhotshampa and Sharchokps, I belong to the last one. It is known that sharchokps are the descendants of Desi Tshanmga, one of the princess of Thrisong Detsen of Tibet. And that anecdote, makes my appearance more like Tibetan and Chinese. In the congress in Istanbul during introduction, it is hard to  convince that i am from Bhutan. " Are you Chinese"  is the recycling cliche that i heard every time i introduced myself.  When i explained them that i am from Bhutan, one of them asked me, "Is Bhutan one among many nations which is getting independence lately ?". I said "No", and calmly explained them Bhutan's sovereignty for centuries even withstanding the strong British rule of 18th century.

Well, another contrast. i was with a Bhutanese friend who belong to second ethnic group of Bhutan. We walke…

The 5th World Youth Congress

“This is the fast moving global change and in such times the importance of youth becomes more and more important than ever. If we want our world to be more peaceful, more just, with more opportunities for all, it will only be possible as a result of the young people’s action today”.
-David Woolcombe, The director of the Peace Child International The 5th world Youth Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 31st July till 14th of August, 2010. The World Youth Congress is the meeting point for the world’s youth. It is being initiated under the Non-profit organization called Peace child International based in UK. Since its establishment in 1999, launching the 1st Worlds Youth Congress in Hawaii, it has been happening once every two year. The 2nd was held in Morocco, third in Scotland, 4th in Quebec City in Canada and 5th being in Istanbul, Turkey.
I along with two other youths from Bhutan was privileged to represent Bhutan in such a renowned congress. There were 1600 participants from 172…

I am not a potted plant

Yesterday, at last period; My English teacher taught us a factual lesson by giving a simple example. He started asking us with the differences we can see from comparing potted plant and the wild plant. All I can think of at first was they are both plants. They both give the same physical description and they were both plants of same species. However I realized that there are differences. “What could be the differences?" I thought, before i could speak any differences our sir, told us the differences.

The potted plant is being cared by the people. People water them, put fertilizers, and make is way so possible to look beautiful. They give flower which adds serenity of human beauty. On the other hand, the wild plants do not get any of those. All that they get is the water from rain, manure from the natural soil, and care from the Mother Nature itself. Yet both give the same flower no less. I took the scale from my bag, and made column for listing the differences. I listed all that…