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Why NC's decision to 10 years experience for Elective Offices maybe wrong

The recent decision by the National Council on requiring the ten years experience in taking the elected government office didn't come as a good hearing to me and most youths alike.

As a youth activist; I have been working and trying to find the voices of youth included in our decision making process. I had the idea of model YOUTH ASSEMBLY, which after thorough discussion with few friends of similar interests barged on with a similar assembly called YIDDD. While the main focus was to foster the deeper understanding of the political issues in and within the country; the assembly herald quite an interesting platform rather.A more conducive and lucid in ways of educating on how to deliberate and debate on an issue and refute in a way necessary. Either way, the focus wasn't adjusted towards bringing our youth's voices in decision making process. The NC's decision of 10 years experiences has put another bar.

As opposed to our cliche of saying 'youths are the future of o…

Why I think the NC's decision to tobacco act is Right

The country saw a furor of posts in online forums and other platforms with many expressing the cackle over the late tobacco amendment bill endorsed by the National Council. While some expresses the rear back policy in having the law intact; some goes on with the flow; few among us are the legitimate silent observers with a slight notion of judgement on what is wrong and what might construe our reasons. With eighteen eminent hands raised up high; the act was to be tabled for National Assembly's summer session. While to many smokers it was a bliss, it caused an interesting thread-line in online community to read and discuss on.

While I must say tobacco banning had quite an impact in Bhutan both at individual and national level. The frisk was dominant in populace of middle groups and most usually differed the shining few. This is what one may call the unequal law. We have seen that while there were people who went behind the bars for three explicit years in possessing mere extra pac…