Why NC's decision to 10 years experience for Elective Offices maybe wrong

The recent decision by the National Council on requiring the ten years experience in taking the elected government office didn't come as a good hearing to me and most youths alike.

As a youth activist; I have been working and trying to find the voices of youth included in our decision making process. I had the idea of model YOUTH ASSEMBLY, which after thorough discussion with few friends of similar interests barged on with a similar assembly called YIDDD. While the main focus was to foster the deeper understanding of the political issues in and within the country; the assembly herald quite an interesting platform rather.A more conducive and lucid in ways of educating on how to deliberate and debate on an issue and refute in a way necessary. Either way, the focus wasn't adjusted towards bringing our youth's voices in decision making process. The NC's decision of 10 years experiences has put another bar.

As opposed to our cliche of saying 'youths are the future of our nation', the National Council did it's part is making the ten years experience mandatory to run the elected offices. In our given milieu, the meaning of the term 'experience' will vary; and in it's foremost point is the ineffectiveness of the law passed with the dire consequences. An old adage says that 'Old is not always wise', with another in mind to say that 'old dogs may never learn the new tricks'.

While it maybe important to have wise people elected in elective offices, it is equally important to have the youths view in the hall. This will provide better level playing fields and checks on the issues from emerging sections of our society; youths. In decades from now; it won't be our elders who are in sixties now holding our councilmen's post; and it is eminently necessary 'experience' if one may call it be given now.

Ten years experience is very much a short sighted decision which indefinitely limits the political participation to eligible few. This can also be seen as undermining our youth's capabilities and their potentiality. Further; this decision didn't come with wide consultation to public domain; and it certainly did surprise quite a number. The threaded comments in Kuensel  reads most people with vied write up to share individual opinions with few exclaiming it to be right decision while to many it was not so.

This decision came as quite discouraging to younger masses, and if implemented would clearly mean lesser voices of youths in decision making process. The gaps between youth and the government will rather widen and will have lasting wrong decisions which may not fit right in the times to come. By then, the so called "EXPERIENCED" for now will be long gone; and youths will have to live with the decision this so called "EXPERIENCED" people make. By then, lets hope all the decisions be made in precise need to the time youths would live in. 


  1. 'Old is not always wise' well said, haha seriously sometimes agay and angay are being too much selfish ;)


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