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Morning pearls reflects the rays of the sun
Evening dew perceives the rays of the moon
And the loves of dews and moon
Are the perfect bond shared of boon.

                        When the fair rose in the bed blooms
                        The busy humming bees sings to dream
                        In the waves of sweet tune with a great hope
                        To welcome her super love.

The cloud dances over the heads in the sky
And trees dances on the ground everyday
the love between us is as strong as death
And that we behold is much worth

                     The couple bring their child with love and care
                     Till they become independent to eat and wear
                     And this is the universal love that we beget
                     From parent to children's pocket

Love is all divine had sown
In the tender heart of living and grown
To maintain world friendly and gay
By expelling antagonism and envy

Forshadowing of life's lesson in High School

In the mist of azure sky and the prophetic school Yangchenphug, the mermaid of Eden seats in midst of gating self.. Ask her name. "Zhizang" will be her reply and know her better if you want to know that she is actually Zhizang Lhazin. In mist of eternal feminine beauty, she holds a core heart of guy in her class. Better the things may seem in way introvert for a guy like me. However there are better books that deserved better attention.As the day passed by as swiftly as the flashes of lightening, she instinctively believed in the Relativity Theory of Albert Einstein....knowing she must find her way into life despite the high school Lobby Dobby.....haha...

Then along came a charming princes Druksel, despite his clumsiness and a lazy freaked out tradition he is used to, he managed to say at least she is beautiful, and more than that she is pretty cool. Knowing she already has had hand in with somebody, she always was not in a position to believe Druksel. Probably for a good re…

A Note to Writer

A lot of people wander under a widespread delusion  that you have to be given the gifts of the greats such as Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe to write. We assume that real writer can magically write and finish product within no time. Yes, some people are more creative than others but Shakespeare and Poe and any other influence we can think of all did the one thing- which if they did not would mean they would not be influences now; they wrote. That is essentially the key to writing, to write. Other than that, finding what you are good at writing about is the key as well. You should enjoy what you write about, and we should find your writing style- whether it be satirical, creative or satirically creative.
If you write about what is on your mind at the time and you do this often you will find that you write in different styles, especially if you are required to when you have to write a formal document for school or work, it is very different from a poem. So how do you find which style is…

Three more weeks to go without Food

The wit of human nature doesn't comes to an end. Not especially when one is tied his upper jaw with lower jaw and cannot eat anything except liquid juices. The god -given nature of human faces are fragile. we are given with five scenes to take care of these fragile creation by the god. But there are times when  often one gets into an intimate nature of friendship and doesn't know his limitations to jokes. The pain i have had was really hard. It may seem funny to narrate whole incidences, but i admit that it is worth sharing since i have learnt a lesson.

It has been two days since i have had inter dental wiring cast within my mouth. I can neither eat nor talk properly with my friends as my upper teeth and lower teeth are perfectly immobilized, kept in same place to fix my jaw fracture. I missed Ema Dhatse, I missed my favorite steam of Broccoli, i missed rice and i missed sandwiches. Nevertheless i am lucky to feel that i don't feel like eating meat anymore as i have been v…


Wearied but awake Tshewang wipes away the sleep from his glazed eyes and his world comes into focus. It is not really his world, but rather the one which he is encompassed by after his wandering from Tashi Yangtse has finally come to a close. After several months in an alien environment, he comes to terms with everyday life of Yangchenphug, almost. Each day after waking up, freshening up, washing and having something slight to eat, he faces an academic world-a world which is still developing in his mind. How long will it take for this man to be a member of Yangchenphug, rather than a tress passer??

The nightmares help; they partially blind the deep sleep as the book is first opened in the lighted room. No matter how dark the tint he sees the differences everywhere each day which his eastern school days made incomprehensible to him. A five to ten minutes drive and finally he arrives at his place of academic world. Entering the gate he walks to class with his friends. What will happen t…