Wearied but awake Tshewang wipes away the sleep from his glazed eyes and his world comes into focus. It is not really his world, but rather the one which he is encompassed by after his wandering from Tashi Yangtse has finally come to a close. After several months in an alien environment, he comes to terms with everyday life of Yangchenphug, almost. Each day after waking up, freshening up, washing and having something slight to eat, he faces an academic world-a world which is still developing in his mind. How long will it take for this man to be a member of Yangchenphug, rather than a tress passer??

The nightmares help; they partially blind the deep sleep as the book is first opened in the lighted room. No matter how dark the tint he sees the differences everywhere each day which his eastern school days made incomprehensible to him. A five to ten minutes drive and finally he arrives at his place of academic world. Entering the gate he walks to class with his friends. What will happen today, anything new? Or the day to day occurrences which he has become accustomed t? His colleagues don’t treat him as easterners, he might as well have been born here, and completely comfortable around his associates he socializes on such a level which almost makes him forget where he is. Different in one’s own way, different perspectives and different characters; but all non-caring about the pale complexion, wavy hair, and strange dialects (sharchokp), which is rare amongst this group.

The assembly commences, sung with the unification that most people can barely understand due to common logic of the students cooperating being near to impossible, it is a beautiful display of cultural awakening. The girls gave the soft treble which makes the flocks of flying locals envious while the boys give the bass which strengthen the prayer and powerfully combine the two sounds in the perfect combination of cultural dignity.

Finally after the announcements are made by a few faithful teachers’ students’ walks to the classes with even more pride this time. A short trip to 11 science D block follows as Tshewang passes by the finely pruned trees, plants and shrubs. The only item left imperfect is the plain of grass, short in parts, long in parts, some parts bare; a reflection of some of the aspirations most places in his wills are lacking.

Soon after the class commence. He along with his associates warmly welcomes the teacher in the crowded classroom. The teacher tells us to sit down and we thank him in return. Is the welcome genuine? Is it the gratitude? What does this diverse group think of the teacher?? All this are questions Tshewang constantly considers. The lesson progresses, at least with most of the students. And there are some of us who still needed some more help. Some students stagnant... and yet the teacher knows it is an unavoidable factor in any part of the world…..

He knows he can change the world... that he needs the right way to do it...


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