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Winter in Tsirang

When I first got to Tsirang in later weeks of July, the thought that it would be this cold never crossed my mind. The weather then was humid, with sun shinning all day long giving an enigmatic reminiscences of the heat I toiled while studying in Dhaka. I could compare so much with my study days given the hot weather in the peak summer and capricious rain ad hoc in the middle of the day.  And yet, the beautiful summer flowers and ever green of lush grasslands with beautiful parks made me feel like I was living in Swiss Alps. Which in hand is very different from my study place. There was so much in this place that people talked about. The people I work with, all too friendly, exploiting the most vulgar of jokes. 
The winter is rather chilly. My work colleagues probably are among the dirtiest minded people on this earth. For every sentence uttered; they make it sound all too negative which will all the more become a subject of much laughter. One being much more nastier than the last. Bu…