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Happy New Year 2013

Hello Folks,

As the time passes by and gives dawn to yet another year; I just can’t help thinking how fast the time goes. A glimpse back at 2012 and I am sure all of us have varied memories; some smiles, some with a pangs of separation and hurt, some with a progress still held up high;  some of us with little share of all. Its 2013, another grand Beginning; and I just can’t help penning down what was like a year that was ushered with prediction of Doomsday which never happened, a crazy ride of youth killing twenty-eight people in Connecticut, and a recent rape murder in India that flushed all the media houses and journals; All in all, it was a year, of humdrum and normal with little hush, just to remind us of things existence, of all, goods and bad, and love and hatred.  A year that was feared yet overjoyed with excitement of dying all together. 

As to me, 2012 was a pretty much good train to ride on. There of course has been bad times a few; but at last what matters is how good on…

Studying in Dhaka

I was flying back to Dhaka when on board I saw a magazine.  I usually talk to people next to me or at least greet them with gentle smile. This time I was earlier.  A Japanese woman who was sitting next to me had a child seemingly an abnormal one.Therefore, I didn't.  I took up a magazine and randomly flipped it. I saw The Hitch Hiking Diary. The first sentence it read; "life is about hitting the road when you are not one among the league of extraordinary flyers". This kept me thinking for sometime, and I sure knew being in Dhaka is not being in the later. Somehow my determination to become a dentist kept me going.

It is hot today. The temperature is pretty much high, enough to have melted whole mountain of snow. The beggars on the streets are all the same. Life is full of contrasts. And I am yet to find the equilibrium. Like any other day, I dressed up, put my apron on and headed for college. Lately,I have realized how noisy Dhaka can be, therefore, I didn't forget t…

In Dhaka

After nearly taking two months vacation, I am back to Dhaka. And this probably might be the first post ever after reaching Dhaka for about five months ago to do my undergraduate course. Whenever I feel lonely, I am like "why didn't scholarship division send few others along with me in this college''. A glare of situations when one doesn't confronts any helpful friends and locals gazes the oriental looks of ours like Phillip is Saharan desert. Nothing much has been changed. The air is dusty as before, the traffics, hell not to mention about, the underground pipeline which was being dunged before I left is still incomplete.  The beggars are same, standing all over streets and stretching hand to an unknown passerby like me. The cars hooting, and the grunts over their deserting engines left streets no place for a talk. Unlike Thimphu, the street is no place for fashion. People come in all sort of zombie dresses, and still none cares. Moreso it is a place where Englis…

A bun in the Oven

"So you got Bun in the Oven?" asked Chencho as he takes a step closer to his most beloved naive waiting to see him. "Yes," replied Karma with her most beautiful smile surpassing all community bashed rumors and stress she holds within.  Her parents didn't confined within her the trust that she should tell them either. She was aware of how her furious father would burst into anger and lament over the silly mistakes. Her mother was not angel to her more so. There fore it was a war within herself to keep going with what time might bring her situation to. She knew what her neighbors would tell of mothering a fatherless child. Yet she knew it was just a matter of time. She was going to become a mother in few months time, but she never disclosed her secret to anyone. It was a classified secret within her vessels until she came by a man she thought was responsible.

"So what have you been doing all these time out of my life without telling me a pin head of what w…