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Encounter with Tsherngyen

First things first; Tsherngyen is the girl I have been wanting to date for like years. Ever since Facebook did its little tricks for getting us connected; I have always anticipated, in asking her out. For every moment she is online, I would make sure to throw a big “hello” with frantic emoticons. I would nag her, poke her, invite her for apps like, “Tshewang has answered few secret questions about you” and never missed to start a conversation. She neither had it in her to ignore me. Ignorance probably was not bliss for her! I have always made it a point to let her bring out of her computer courtroom into an open air of dating.

I am energetic man. It would be wrong to say that I don’t care how others look about me, because for every amount of gel I use in my hair, and for every punk style I make, it is to make myself appear good, and let others think “Goddamn!! That’s the man!!!” No matter what, I believe I can make number of girls to subscribe me on twitter and Facebook and get ever…

What is soul/ghost? My hypothesis on unexplained Phenomena of soul migration.

Many religions in the world believe and preach about the existence of soul after death. The Buddhism is no exception with so many mysteries overwhelmed with the subject. In my earlier post I have shared you an incidence of w soul migration, the very much unexplained phenomenon whereby a dead person’s soul gets into lively human and shows the characteristics of the dead person. In such instances, the person with dead soul, can pretty much be the same dead person remembering all instances that he/she has done in their lifetime.

The year was in 2003. I used to be in Tsenkaharla Middle Secondary School studying in sixth grade. The school back in the time and a locale as remote as Tashi Yangtse can be tedious to walk for an hour and half. I was just about to change my school uniform when I realized my mother had been sick. Yes, it was no need to medical attention, because from her look and stature I was sure that the soul migration have had happened. “I never see you accompanying your mo…

Failed Another Test

Like fruits, shaken free by an impatient tree, From the veil of its seed a growth of shrubs; And ye be shrub; and thou flower, Thou comest, the soothing flame, in gentle breeze Of whirling in frantic dance 
Amidst the the wind-lashed cloud and infuriate shower, Whilst trampled by thy turbulence doth Scattered all thy fate in an eddying agony to death. Yet in the tempest of mood, Doth i write this trying to be Keats But ye know how thy Keats ain’t And ye Knowth the Best. 
Of yore in a sour wait of moment; No lobby for playing ye charm, For doth I not your prince charming; Wait; and let live the life; for it unwraps The hope of ye, fulfill.

Do you believe in Spirit?

I am not avidly a religious person either; but my believe has been changed since few weeks ago. Few weeks ago, one of my sisters was badly ill. She used to murmur some uncanny words in her sleep which she didn’t really remember when she woke up. Most often she was silent which is unusual and wanted her to be left alone. we granted her wish; she was left alone in her own room; although sick. If we forced somebody in her room; the next  moment will be a bulky eye with her tentacles like hair; with flush of saliva  fretting towards you. Seriously one might have never failed to be reminded of Resident Evil from her looks. So it was better that we kept her with what she wanted. She would not eat much; however we made it s best possible attempt to let her have food but she won’t take it. If she might by any chance feel like eating; we always kept her share.

It was almost midnight; ten minutes to midnight to be precise. I was startled by a sudden sound of scrambling plates. I woke up to fin…

APEMS – Assistance for Privately Enrolled Medical Students

Are you a freshly passed class XII Student? Or are you a teacher or parent to the fore mentioned category. If So, I would like to share you about What APEMS is, it's benefit, advantages of holding onto one, which place is better for you, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?, Does it discourage students from lower socio-economic background to take such a chances?.. Well you are going to see it!! 

APEMS stands for Assistance for Privately Enrolled Medical Students. By it acronym, and its name it is defined somehow to be looking like just assistance by which in that matter you are actually paying for your own course. This is completely wrong idea. In proportion to other international scholarship awards; APEMS sanction actually is a very generous scholarship offered very diplomatically, or rather I would say only those students who are well aware of it are delighted to take the chances. Those coming from poorer background are discouraged definitely just by the acronym and its name. I would like to…

6 Things that a Bhutanese student should do after Declaring BHSEC XII Result

I write this post with the hope that it would benefit some students at least
1.Always be vigilant and alert;
Get connected with the media; especially BBS and Kuensel; most often these two are two main stream which announces the various scholarship schemes provided for you. Don’t miss one BBS program and at least take one news paper (kuensel ) in every two days.
2.It will happen that students who have had performed not better than you have gotten into Ex-Country Scholarship scheme into Universities better than you are provisioned for/ while you are provisioned only for in country program; How does that happen? Some might say it is luck and faith you have had to god; but congruent to it is the secret of being alert and vigilant about the opportunities around you.   Do you know how to surf internet? Then you surely will know how to access the following webs ;

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Youth Development Fund
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Bhutan Canada Foundation

Lonely as Always

In the night of desperate hues; Chants Blossom, the collusion glowing within self,
That of utmost importance is one's fate after death.  That of utmost guidance we seek under omniscience 
Of the age prevailed they off yonder Reckoned the beauty of so selfish. Amidst the journey of a slacken life A moment  so joyous yet so gloomy;
The pampered son; a father's due, A daughter summoned to a mother's fate, Of the play etched between  momentous hate Is a myriad hues of life's chew.
The blossomed chants; forgone; the salvation seeks; In a moment so close to death; A wonder seeks in an eye of superb geeks An Almighty seems an utmost faith.
The shackles, sickles, honors, fame and glory; Yielded to a tomb of ash; Or might you be in a tomb of quarry To walk your path of ultimate dash
And then the silence peeks;
In an hour of rumbled terror
The darkness creep, and we summon For the dreary cold, and anguish wind
As the dark undone with dawn, The inequality peeps in; the facet of …

As we witness A Magnificent Union

The Blossomed charm of my dear king; The Lustrous queen of radiance so lovely The perfect bond of the love so humble Wishes you the life with glory.
In the land not Eden yet Heaven The power with the pride Rays with gentleness of bride Shall you rule the land of Heaven
The awaited jubilant wed; The Aroma of national pride And the fragrance of unconditional love May you live long and last for eternity
In the hustle to my daily dues; I pay you my humble prayers May Pelden Drukpa rise and Shine With your wedding; another hope reign.

Broken Promises

The dark cloud with a silver lining made blissful Thimphu town  a dearer place to live in. Life to Kelden was a usual humdrum, plain and normal. Some might say she worked in a local bar. The living tensions grew as the capital geared up for the tobacco control act and the only premise she could go for smoke became her own toilet. In her blues she could call her childhood love Wangchen. A quirk  who can be nick among the tempting girls. He swayed for the gentleness of teenage fabrication that for lustrous Dechen  he became apple of her eye.

It seemed inevitable that Kelden couldn't continue her studies after she lost her only mother to a vicious cancer. The amber hearth-fire back in the village made her conscious of a better job in Thimphu. She seemed negligent about her own concern and was forced to smoke. The vulgar disparities cushioned for the betterment and she was left in a hallow past a bitter present and her future soured with every dawning day. There was no hope. And ever…

Are You Afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon

The two brothers, Andrew Kingsley and Tanner Kingsley owns a company. It is the largest think tank and the biggest commercial entities of the world. The brother both seems to be genius in every field and their company is being named as Kingsley Groups. However there draws certain differences between the two. Andrew wanted the company for the well being of the third world countries, while Tanner wanted it for fame and glory towards commercial purpose. Tanner had the ill feeling for his brother since childhood days as he used to be assumed as second Kingsley in every top every field. he hated his brother for it.

Tanner planned a conspiratorial murder to his own brother. Andrew unaware of such plan was working in the lab and not knowing that Tanner had made a small hole in in his gas mask. On evolving the poisonous gas Andrew fell on the ground, unconscious. he woke up in the hospital, with his mental bow that is not going to come back in this lifetime.

Tanner knowing the vest of power w…

A moment with Alice, Cinderella and Snow White

I woke up in the place unknown. the dark midnight hues is everywhere around me. From the far end below, the gushing river flows.  I gave the feeble attempt to walk, but i failed. From a distance, a light glimmer. My instinct told me without a second thought that i should be going to the place. "How did i come here ?, whats my name ?" All questions rushed into my mind yet the the answers seemed to be far from the call.
I walked towards the light through the confines of darkness to seek the answers for unknown questions. I came near the house, an old bungalow; its roof partly damaged. A door so old and the walls full of creeping tentacles of nature. It was a silent one; yet so deafening. My heart pumping more rapidly; undecided whether to go in or not. 
I climbed the walls to see if anybody is inside. Peeping through a hole i couldn't see anyone inside. I climbed down and then went by the doors to knock. Before the knock i made a feeble attempt to imagine what it could be…

Twisted Fate

Ugyen was walking home from her evening CE class. A deluded aroma refreshes her face as the light is first switched in her dark room. She then realizes she had not closed her bedroom window. A crimson curtain sways gently as if something is missing. She had it grasped and closed the window. A gush of breeze kissed her chicks as she lay tired from the class. No matter how dark the night, she saw the difference in her life that evening.
At a time rendezvous, the blackout happened. Thimphu didn’t shine in night as it used to. The radiant light has gone. In a darkened room she lay perplexed. She reached her hand for the prayer beads she had and was praying. Quietly had she grabbed the match box when she didn’t remember where she kept her candle. On her windowsill was an unlighted darted candle. She grasped it and was about to light it. The frail thin body of her made sure the candle was at its last stage.At the far corner on the desk was a half burnt photograph of a fine young man. Nestle…

Mosaic of Life - Love ...

It was graduate Orientation 2011. Desel was waiting at the far end of the line. She hopes for Sangay with her wistful eyes. Tandin, seeing Desel for some time alone, walked towards her. At the hindsight it seemed inevitable that Tandin and Desel have been friends since their high school. Desel’s presentiment was always a radiant light for Tandin. Deep down within Tandin felt Desel was the only reason he came into this world. His love for her was boundless. The dark winkling cloud in the sky showed an apt simile for the flinging emotions he had for Desel.
However the fate played a trick. After their high school, Tandin was sent to Sri Lanka, while Desel remained in India. Although distant, they felt happy to be on the same side of the globe. Tandin called her every day, wondering how she might be doing in her new college. He always made it s point to let her know how he really felt, anticipating that she might pick up what he tried to put across some day. He waited for the graduation. …

Living Matters

This is a very interesting piece i found posted in Blogyul. I hope you will like it...

It is from an Unknown Author:

I believe...

We don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.
No matter how good friends are, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

True friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love.

You can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.

It is taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.

You can keep going long after you can't.

We are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

Either you control your attitude or it controls you.

Regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.

Heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

Money is a lousy way of keeping score.

My best…

Thimphu; My capital City

Having walked through the Clock Tower square for some time, I came by Jojo’s building to play Mortal Combat Annihilation. Generally, I’d like to think that humans are intelligent creatures; we undoubtedly have conquered all things necessary. The whack Lui Kang gives to to Shao Kahn is the perfect impersonated guilt. I love the moves. All I do is just put my right thumb up and swing the other thumb in circle. A perfect virtual kick indeed and that took Shao Kahn into his own realm.

Thimphu is such a lovely city. Despite the fact that I moved in here for just two years ago I feel like it is my hometown. All my Yangchenphug classmates claim that it is their hometown. But Thimphu is more than that. The segments of unattended dogs, the wavering highway besides a wavering Wangchu river are the perfect depiction of its beauty. The elegant Buddha Statue shining all way from Kuensel Phodrang is the magic possible only as mirage. The serene natural beauty at around all the green belt zones sign…

High School Quotes

1)Wonder of Today is the Eye of tomorrow.

2)Happiness is yet another season with your own thoughts.

3)Your nearest may be always dearest but your dearest can’t be the nearest.

4)Work to treat yourself not to harm others.

5)If you have clean nose than only you will have clear smell.

6)Blame not the rain when drain is not ready.

7)What you say can’t be what you are.

8)Chase not the girl before you cheer her deeds.

9)Living is responsibility  not pleasure.

Words of Wisdom

Happiness in Life would be yet another season with your Thought. Life wanders at a constant pace; unknown yet to which bend we might be lured to the sarcasm. We just take up the lighter pace that life has to offer and we neglect some bends of life without realizing that it might be an important one. Life seldom turns out as we dream, but when you stop dreaming that's where you closes the door of your success too. The utmost important thing in life is to treat it positively, warts and all and not just pleasurable part of it.

There is this man I love so much, His Majesty the King , having an honour to meet him and when asked
how he treat on with his life. The answer was simply awesome, His words came from a clear perspective and a genuine concern to make his citizen  know what he possess.

"life is like running a marathon race" he began. " you look at your right side, there are hundreds running, look at your left and there are hundreds running along with you, take a s…

You Are so Gonna Love this

This is the forwarded message, I got in my in box.
I really found it interesting and I wanna share it to my readers. Here it Goes ..

Why? Oh Why? Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Why do banks charge a fee due to insufficient funds when they already know you're broke? Why is it that when someone tells you that there are one billion stars in the universe, you believe them but, if they tell you there is wet paint, you have to touch it to check? Why do they use sterilised needles for lethal injections? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Whose cruel idea was it to put an "s" in the word "lisp"? If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why is it that, no matter what colour bubble bath you use, the bubbles are always white? Is there ever a day that mattresses are not…