My Mother's Wish

In the early doze of beautiful spring
You were tilling the soil; for the growth of another season
Waited for your return, And you did come
Packed my lunch for the school so dearly

And before I leave you for school
A promise that I repeat everyday
To be a man you wanted me to be
Repeat I and echoes my inner self

As I listen to the songs unheard
My dreams fade away; but to hope I clung on
Hoping that someday I would become a man you wanted me to be.
Yet I think I am failing you!

As intend to sleep; the journey begins;
Of a way long needed to be walked on
By the gliding waves of imaginations
Of a destinations unknown,
And yet as you hated life and walked the realm away
Have you ever wanted me to be more than a good human being ?


  1. nice 1.. i love to read ur writings.. keep on writing


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