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An Inception (A Dream)

With the trouble n my head, stress in heart and depressed brain, I was walking out in a village. It was no other than the place where I was brought up. I still remember how I used to play in the meadow, enchanted by my calf Tawzom. I remember how his mother used to be a rarest cow that obeys while he was a stern opposite. Nevertheless dreaming about them is a dream come true.  In a meadow, I was running home. I knew I had works to do. Yet the meadow never seemed to end. I ran and only thing that savored my running was the glistening forehead with sweat and scorching sun above. 

I waited under a tree. The temptation to get the watermelon from nearby Meme Rinchen’s garden was nearing my glottis yet I remained silent. For a moment I saw my late mother. In dilemma, I was wondering even in dream, a part of my consciousness says that she passed away; yet how possible when she was luring around me as if she wanted me something from me.  I just couldn’t resist her presence without any words f…

A mother in Mother’s Place

When life beacons its bad beauty You sworn away yet left you in choices lost. Tries grasping its beauty; but choices are not for you For it is your destiny; clings unto hope though with despair overwhelmed.
A car without fuel, laptop with internet disconnected and kitchen with pots unfilled Welcomes you in the bend that life offers, a turn which awaits long And through the blue shades you look at sun, it blends but not all rays Yet accepts you; for this is the choice you made
A ray of hope, a mother in mother’s place; Thanks to you my benign Aunty Pem Should you see the cute smile from my kid wearing a nice shirts and pants? Yet that’s the only gratitude they can offer you, know them well.
My car has fuel to run, used I the half of which you gave Crackers for my kid’s breakfast; used quarter of what is left Feasts by them like Oliver Twist in his orphanage Luring around; I cannot but see them grow

The despair that overwhelms, tempts me to lose my equilibrium Yet remain silent, for I want to watch them…

Burning Mid Night Oil

In a darkened room, the light glimmer,  Wakes up a zombie, concerned Flipping the books, unknown which to learn. Checks the clock and 1a.m. 
It is too early; yet not If yes, awaits in three days
An unprepared trial  Takes his seat, composed yet stressed. 
Takes his bulky books,  Starts with hope to finish a subject,  Uncovered,  lost in amidst of subjects Finds he in equilibrium lost. 
Goes to kitchen, grabs a mug, Blackened coffee to subside his yawn Back to unfinished revision, it's dawn. Sleepy, yet perseverance has he. 
Goes to bathroom and shower does he take. Stomps his breakfast, in a minutes few Takes a ride to his holly school Ushered with smiles of cheering friends.
The smiles fake the coming exam,  Joy of momentary; summoned with worry, Questions, but one do i ask myself. Stand where do I ?  In a mighty class of 39.

I am stressed.

Science students never seems to be outrightly scientific in a school so called Prophetic school. More so when one is stressed with unbearable burden not knowing what to do. Like any obedient student I obey the school rules and I make my time worth staying; Yet  I am stressed. You might wonder why?. Hooosh.... !!  Time really does fly. Two years ago, I walked in a very renowned school, Yangchenphug. I carried a academic transcript with my science mark leveled "91". I walked in the class with my heads held up high. Choosing my stream as science was my definite thought as i had excellent mark in all three science subjects. Being a school captain in my previous school, All the ethical values listed in my transfer certificate were marked "Outstanding". My admission wasn't a problem at all. 

Two years,  almost coming to an end, and i am worried that my marks might not be marked "91" now. I am stressed because I don't think I can perform well this time.…

First and Last Date

"Hi" "Hello" the message showed. "I suppose you are in 11Com B" I wrote. "I suppose you are our Health Captain" she wrote me back “I suppose both supposes are correct" I replied.
And we both burst out laughing making our chat grow more interesting. Our chat grew more and more notorious. More so when I started asking her if she would like going out with me. She refused at first, but after taking refuge in mysterious Lam Drukpa Kuenley's myths she was under my control. For the next few minutes I became Walter Mitty dreaming of the next day with my yet-to-be angel. I was detrimental, and wanted to go out with her since the years beginning. When the admission for the class elevens commenced, I was factually counting those pretty girls whom I could call as schoolmates. And there she was unfolding her academic transcripts, showing it to Madam Principal. I wished if only I was the principal of the school.........By then I had an idea,  I knew faceb…

Contrasts in Life

I am but a humble Bhutanese. I was born Bhutanese and nothing is going to change the fact that I am Bhutanese. Among the three ethnics of Bhutanese; Ngalops, Lhotshampa and Sharchokps, I belong to the last one. It is known that sharchokps are the descendants of Desi Tshanmga, one of the princess of Thrisong Detsen of Tibet. And that anecdote, makes my appearance more like Tibetan and Chinese. In the congress in Istanbul during introduction, it is hard to  convince that i am from Bhutan. " Are you Chinese"  is the recycling cliche that i heard every time i introduced myself.  When i explained them that i am from Bhutan, one of them asked me, "Is Bhutan one among many nations which is getting independence lately ?". I said "No", and calmly explained them Bhutan's sovereignty for centuries even withstanding the strong British rule of 18th century.

Well, another contrast. i was with a Bhutanese friend who belong to second ethnic group of Bhutan. We walke…

The 5th World Youth Congress

“This is the fast moving global change and in such times the importance of youth becomes more and more important than ever. If we want our world to be more peaceful, more just, with more opportunities for all, it will only be possible as a result of the young people’s action today”.
-David Woolcombe, The director of the Peace Child International The 5th world Youth Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 31st July till 14th of August, 2010. The World Youth Congress is the meeting point for the world’s youth. It is being initiated under the Non-profit organization called Peace child International based in UK. Since its establishment in 1999, launching the 1st Worlds Youth Congress in Hawaii, it has been happening once every two year. The 2nd was held in Morocco, third in Scotland, 4th in Quebec City in Canada and 5th being in Istanbul, Turkey.
I along with two other youths from Bhutan was privileged to represent Bhutan in such a renowned congress. There were 1600 participants from 172…

I am not a potted plant

Yesterday, at last period; My English teacher taught us a factual lesson by giving a simple example. He started asking us with the differences we can see from comparing potted plant and the wild plant. All I can think of at first was they are both plants. They both give the same physical description and they were both plants of same species. However I realized that there are differences. “What could be the differences?" I thought, before i could speak any differences our sir, told us the differences.

The potted plant is being cared by the people. People water them, put fertilizers, and make is way so possible to look beautiful. They give flower which adds serenity of human beauty. On the other hand, the wild plants do not get any of those. All that they get is the water from rain, manure from the natural soil, and care from the Mother Nature itself. Yet both give the same flower no less. I took the scale from my bag, and made column for listing the differences. I listed all that…

A Bad Example

A lot of people in Bhutan often choose modern songs and dance rather than venturing into the traditional dances and songs. Mostly this is due to the modernization or fashion as it may be described, but there is another reason, the people basically those who are into, (performers) seem to show what I called as “bad Example”. When in situation of formal gatherings like “International Youth Day”, guests comprising of his Excellency Lyonpo Thakur and international dignitaries should be treated with traditional shows or with level of professionalism (if modern), which the entertainers like “Happy Valley” lacks. Needless to say that my response is my own and maybe flawed from another’s perspective.

Their perspective between modern dance and traditional suggests that the later is the history preserved and the former the fashion, which I think is wrong in Bhutanese context. The theme for the celebration was “Sustainability; Our Challenge, Our Future” and certainly I found not sustainability …

Nasty Rascals Around Me…

In azure sky of prophetic Yangchenphug Those nasty rascals around me Sharing their own memoirs of goodness And their charm of life, are:
Contemplative Bumthanp,Samten Wangchuk And dawning Ap Sha, Magic Pencil, Reflective Ngalop Rin Penjor And a glancing dude Dechen Wangchuk Forget not to mention our Chettala, Nagay Dorji
The life through which I gallop Play by them, a part not minor And in freedom walk I in nature’s bounty For it is life worth to live with these Rascals
A glimpse at the drifting lives of ours, Memoirs a lot, but a part do I share:
          An angry face of Bumthap in a fight of friendship’s woe
    Yawning for share of women’s love an excited Phub, Magic Pencil Private Property, to which he is sworn to, is a face of Dechen, And a lapse of jokes on his face, an adorned Penjor Follows Namgay Chetala wooing the suitors of pretty lady             And yet, Remain I, in captive of a woman unknown
Alas... When the hope of friendship gleans its cleansing path, The warmth that pervades our thoug…


Morning pearls reflects the rays of the sun
Evening dew perceives the rays of the moon
And the loves of dews and moon
Are the perfect bond shared of boon.

                        When the fair rose in the bed blooms
                        The busy humming bees sings to dream
                        In the waves of sweet tune with a great hope
                        To welcome her super love.

The cloud dances over the heads in the sky
And trees dances on the ground everyday
the love between us is as strong as death
And that we behold is much worth

                     The couple bring their child with love and care
                     Till they become independent to eat and wear
                     And this is the universal love that we beget
                     From parent to children's pocket

Love is all divine had sown
In the tender heart of living and grown
To maintain world friendly and gay
By expelling antagonism and envy

Forshadowing of life's lesson in High School

In the mist of azure sky and the prophetic school Yangchenphug, the mermaid of Eden seats in midst of gating self.. Ask her name. "Zhizang" will be her reply and know her better if you want to know that she is actually Zhizang Lhazin. In mist of eternal feminine beauty, she holds a core heart of guy in her class. Better the things may seem in way introvert for a guy like me. However there are better books that deserved better attention.As the day passed by as swiftly as the flashes of lightening, she instinctively believed in the Relativity Theory of Albert Einstein....knowing she must find her way into life despite the high school Lobby Dobby.....haha...

Then along came a charming princes Druksel, despite his clumsiness and a lazy freaked out tradition he is used to, he managed to say at least she is beautiful, and more than that she is pretty cool. Knowing she already has had hand in with somebody, she always was not in a position to believe Druksel. Probably for a good re…

A Note to Writer

A lot of people wander under a widespread delusion  that you have to be given the gifts of the greats such as Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe to write. We assume that real writer can magically write and finish product within no time. Yes, some people are more creative than others but Shakespeare and Poe and any other influence we can think of all did the one thing- which if they did not would mean they would not be influences now; they wrote. That is essentially the key to writing, to write. Other than that, finding what you are good at writing about is the key as well. You should enjoy what you write about, and we should find your writing style- whether it be satirical, creative or satirically creative.
If you write about what is on your mind at the time and you do this often you will find that you write in different styles, especially if you are required to when you have to write a formal document for school or work, it is very different from a poem. So how do you find which style is…

Three more weeks to go without Food

The wit of human nature doesn't comes to an end. Not especially when one is tied his upper jaw with lower jaw and cannot eat anything except liquid juices. The god -given nature of human faces are fragile. we are given with five scenes to take care of these fragile creation by the god. But there are times when  often one gets into an intimate nature of friendship and doesn't know his limitations to jokes. The pain i have had was really hard. It may seem funny to narrate whole incidences, but i admit that it is worth sharing since i have learnt a lesson.

It has been two days since i have had inter dental wiring cast within my mouth. I can neither eat nor talk properly with my friends as my upper teeth and lower teeth are perfectly immobilized, kept in same place to fix my jaw fracture. I missed Ema Dhatse, I missed my favorite steam of Broccoli, i missed rice and i missed sandwiches. Nevertheless i am lucky to feel that i don't feel like eating meat anymore as i have been v…


Wearied but awake Tshewang wipes away the sleep from his glazed eyes and his world comes into focus. It is not really his world, but rather the one which he is encompassed by after his wandering from Tashi Yangtse has finally come to a close. After several months in an alien environment, he comes to terms with everyday life of Yangchenphug, almost. Each day after waking up, freshening up, washing and having something slight to eat, he faces an academic world-a world which is still developing in his mind. How long will it take for this man to be a member of Yangchenphug, rather than a tress passer??

The nightmares help; they partially blind the deep sleep as the book is first opened in the lighted room. No matter how dark the tint he sees the differences everywhere each day which his eastern school days made incomprehensible to him. A five to ten minutes drive and finally he arrives at his place of academic world. Entering the gate he walks to class with his friends. What will happen t…

Is Bhutanese Education system alive?

After sitting in on meetings at the Phuntsho Pelri hotel, and many a day’s observations, I noticed a recurring theme over and over again. The media people have come there and it was issued in paper as well. I just wonder how deep a thought has gone into the subject. The subject I am addressing , which is constantly debated and discussed by leading educationists and the scholars from the international delegates is CHANGE OF CURRICULUM in Bhutanese Education system, especially with more emphasis on GNH values. Firstly, I would like to state that the current education system is excellent. This must not be locked away or sent away forever because of the sheer fact that our present leaders are the product of these education system. True,  there are beautiful ways of displaying GNH values, whether it is something small like making Grandmother’s recipe or as grand as Dzong. But the true essence of the GNH values exists in the people of Bhutan. There is also another aspect of education system …

Forbidden line

It was a normal day, but unlike any other. This was the day he was looking for since the epochal era of 2009. He was too introverted towards love life during his school days. Keeping apart he entered in a society where apart from the academic management; romance the subject most students successfully and secretly graduate in. Many of his friends where fervently entangled despite so many books that deserve better attention. Now more than seventeen years of his birth, love was still of his radar; he seemed unable to grasp and embrace it to any good effect.

Then along came his princess charming in shinning amours with so many vows that she made him see a wonderful life ahead. He believed in all that she said. A life full of bliss and contentment of all that he wanted. He knew it meant something as it had never happened with anybody before. She must have been a girl he had been waiting for. They were in each other’s company and he felt deeply in love with her. He felt she was the only reas…