Eating meat- a perspective

Human beings are an incredible creature. They are superior over so many other creatures on the planet. It is because of the sheer fact that we have our own reasoning, power to think and consciousness which tells us whether it is wrong or right. All animals are the same; they want pleasure and not pain. Do we know what we are doing? Slaughtering the animals is not a great idea. We need to realize that for one the pleasure in momentary while for another it is loss of his life. A speech befitting an occasion, friends befitting friends, a moment of happiness costs the life of another. Is this really a good action? We had this question long before, through ancient civilianization without a coherent answer.

 On the contrary, we need to ask ourselves. Can we ever be without meat? The stuff which has become a part of every food that we take, every meal we take and along every drink we drink? While having meat may seem a killing of another animal, we also have to know the natural chain of ecosystem. We are made to feed on those edible. Can we ever imagine a human world governed by those pigs and hens and cows with their population more than human? This is again where the natural chain of biological existence comes in. it is a natural law that we are made to feed on them. We can’t fight back the time and evolution. Those are only constant in life. It is through this law that we slaughter those animals and make them a part of our diet.

However, for every problem that we encounter, Mother Nature has the solution. We have no right to snatch the life away. So the probable solution is being a vegetarian. The great philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Theophrastus were all vegetarian. They knew that the agony would be same if we humans are slaughtered by other animals. Vegetarian lives longer than those who consume meat. Scientifically said, the larger intake of meat can cause the nervoussclerrosis and hence led to the death. Whereas the intake of fresh vegetables makes your body active and takes time to outdone with those nervoussclerrosis caused by eating of meat ultimately we can draw a conclusion that being vegetarian is more healthy than consuming meats.

I quote Albert Howard the only environmentalist in National Environmental Commission of Australia, “while killing animals may seem an outrageous act; it is never insanity, we know now that meat is a part and parcel in our very diet” unquote. The subject here is meat and he never explained that we are insane. Killing animal is outrageous yet it has to be a part of us, but speeding up the process is never a good idea.
On the other hand we need to have values, values that are inculcated in us as human and those that we have accumulated along the journey of our lives.

All animals the same, when we take them for killing they don’t know it and when they rests in queue watching one of them being killed; they cannot run away, because they are not bound to reasoning and speechless they are. Don’t they deserve any mercy or compassion? A slight child’s headache makes us worried that he/she might leave. Imagine an agony we would undergo if the sword if=s struck through our neck. Do they deserve it or should we let them go? We need to have the answer with our conscience.

Therefore don not kick or poke stray dogs, they wave their tail for your compassion. Stroke them with your love and they know the happiness. Though speechless, your kindness is remembered in them.
Nevertheless humans are too greedy. All are so mean that they never think of other if their satisfaction is made. Just as an old saying goes “no matter the dog barks; caravan goes on” how much ever we try to control it the more we tend to do it. This is because we are cynics and takes time to have pleasure on the loss of others lives.

Hence, ultimately as stated, how much ever we try to stop, the killing goes on. Honestly speaking “a plain food may not sound very tasty on the realistic alternatives…”


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