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Is Bhutanese Education system alive?

After sitting in on meetings at the Phuntsho Pelri hotel, and many a day’s observations, I noticed a recurring theme over and over again. The media people have come there and it was issued in paper as well. I just wonder how deep a thought has gone into the subject. The subject I am addressing , which is constantly debated and discussed by leading educationists and the scholars from the international delegates is CHANGE OF CURRICULUM in Bhutanese Education system, especially with more emphasis on GNH values. Firstly, I would like to state that the current education system is excellent. This must not be locked away or sent away forever because of the sheer fact that our present leaders are the product of these education system. True,  there are beautiful ways of displaying GNH values, whether it is something small like making Grandmother’s recipe or as grand as Dzong. But the true essence of the GNH values exists in the people of Bhutan. There is also another aspect of education system …

Forbidden line

It was a normal day, but unlike any other. This was the day he was looking for since the epochal era of 2009. He was too introverted towards love life during his school days. Keeping apart he entered in a society where apart from the academic management; romance the subject most students successfully and secretly graduate in. Many of his friends where fervently entangled despite so many books that deserve better attention. Now more than seventeen years of his birth, love was still of his radar; he seemed unable to grasp and embrace it to any good effect.

Then along came his princess charming in shinning amours with so many vows that she made him see a wonderful life ahead. He believed in all that she said. A life full of bliss and contentment of all that he wanted. He knew it meant something as it had never happened with anybody before. She must have been a girl he had been waiting for. They were in each other’s company and he felt deeply in love with her. He felt she was the only reas…

Eating meat- a perspective

Human beings are an incredible creature. They are superior over so many other creatures on the planet. It is because of the sheer fact that we have our own reasoning, power to think and consciousness which tells us whether it is wrong or right. All animals are the same; they want pleasure and not pain. Do we know what we are doing? Slaughtering the animals is not a great idea. We need to realize that for one the pleasure in momentary while for another it is loss of his life. A speech befitting an occasion, friends befitting friends, a moment of happiness costs the life of another. Is this really a good action? We had this question long before, through ancient civilianization without a coherent answer.

 On the contrary, we need to ask ourselves. Can we ever be without meat? The stuff which has become a part of every food that we take, every meal we take and along every drink we drink? While having meat may seem a killing of another animal, we also have to know the natural chain of eco…