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The Scar

She said “Yes” and he was in cloud nine. He couldn't thank her enough and told her he is grateful from the bottom of his heart. “Thank you very much” he said. He couldn't but feel elated and was excited to tell people around him. He did to a few close ones. This took them back to their college days when nights were never old and every lines from chat meant more than what they just wrote.  She was everything he had asked for. She was the answer to his constant prayers. She would tell him he will become the Prime Minister one day, he would kid her back that he wouldn't even aspire without her role in it.
To her he was the first guy she would ever say yes to. She saw him to be different, someone who she thought would change her perspectives in life. She had never thought she’d fall in love. And often times dreamt hermetic life. She would think that the mainstream normal life isn't made for her. As they talked she would tell him that she would go ascetic in caves for spi…