Haikus from Dhaka

Dhaka is a busy city. It is no just busy; but a perilous city with never ending rally of cars on the traffic line. The traffic gets so bad that at some point even a mere fifteen minutes travel takes hours to get to. More to it is the the fact that during my stay there I had to travel every day two hours in the heavy traffic to get to class and to be back to my dormitory.

The impoverished public transport system, lack of proper traffic rules and unregulated influx of used foreign vehicles have added to the misery of the city. These have, but caused one man, a student sent there for a 5 year long BDS course, to write some haiku while being stranded in the traffic for hours. It was during one of my woe hours that I have written these lines.

The Street! June 17, 2013
Stalled buses and cars, Cars hooting and men clattering, Not Moving at all! 

Man Next to Me, August 23, 2013
Folding Arms, Starring up Looking, beyond the crowed,  Lost in thinking!

An Expensive Hotel, Sept 15, 2014
Lush Greene…


Written in tribute to His Majesty the 4th Dragon King of Bhutan as a part of 60th Birth Anniversary celebration; an initiative of Royal Bhutanese Embassy, Dhaka; Bangladesh.  
In the mystic Kingdom, of land blessed with the prayers of those long gone! The last Shangrila- The land of Medicinal Cypress Lays a tale that’ll resonate for eons from now, The legend spans, in the life that is yet to be foretold,
Long before the coming, the prophecy revealed! By the greatest saint of then, Terton Drukdra Dorji In his prose he read “Oh! The jewel land! From the mom bearing a central tooth as white as the priceless conch Will bear a son that is as white, in his heart and out alike Shall bring eternal peace and prosperity to the Kingdom
As said, the boy was born, unknown to what his fate may bring. Remarkable birth signs: heavens poured, the rainbows shone And in its equanimity- the birds chirped in natural uniformity His younger days had shown; of being a gifted leader
His tutor recalls of what he ask…

Dechen's Guilt

Dechen swayed her hair in sideways. Her eyes sparkled beneath the shiny golden fringes. The lone dimple marked over few curves of her face. The gentle breeze kissed her crimson lips as she sat on the bus that was moving. The chilly weather has reached its peak. She shudders with cold as a man who seats next to her gives her an occasional gaze.
At a time rendezvous, she was lost. She thought of the sun and how it sparkled so vast in its limitless power. The rays shone over her silky hair, she kept thinking what a world would be without it. She thought of the birds chirping and lit of the sun as the bus meandered through wavy roads in the woods. She kept thinking on the fission reaction of atoms and the dreadful temperature in the core of the sun. Her face, now woebegone as she overheard a young girl cry. What made her cry? The roars of tractor that came opposite way, two men driving it – one with muscular hinge of audacity shouting “Long live our beloved king”, the other with mere mimi…

Is ‘Biomimicry’ a new solution to the sustainable world?

The world as we know now has advanced in our intelligence manifold. The contemporary scientists see our earth as the only livable planet in our galaxy. Distant to that is our sustenance as the very last surviving planet in the galaxy. We do not have the backup plan. Yet our oblivion keeps on with accelerated speed, disregarding the Mother Nature. “Mother Earth has everything for our need; but no patience for our greed”, (Inconvenient truth) Al Gore ’06.

We have conquered the planet. The industrialization as we see today as brought on a lot of changes unsurpassed by any other arenas of development. We have conquered Mars, gone under marine depth and explored our galaxies. We now know the existence of Black holes and the very nature of how our cells work in molecular levels. The nanotechnology is being developed with the aim that human should survive with no threats. The world as we see today has made profound achievements

Yet, we are still sleeping to the reality that we are part of …


The sun shines, as grey with humiliating defunct love towards mankind. Rain drops a few. Clouds ever bothering the busy Dhaka Schedule. Cold breeze that wave in the midst of noise. Birds chirps in the day that is yet to break the dawn. Crows caw, one a lead with humping others on its sequel. The cars toot, and drivers at their may day sour. A plain recipe of a life that is lost in pans of labyrinth. 
Back in room is a avalanche of books to read. The bump that construe a quiet equanimity of medical and non medics. A Sutra covered in dangling orange scarf, the advises and commentaries of long gone masters in Buddhist echelons. Glancing at ceiling is a large barn of fan, useless in cold winter, left hanging. On the wall an old calendar, 2014 is gone. But everything is deafening. The books in bulk, a closet, and five bars of soap, study table and badminton rackets all lie in silent hill. Only astute insignia of momentary silence is the tick of Quartz clock. 
The nature manifests, in the lin…

A thinkable Paradox?

When I last visited my home; I was working on a project. A photography project that required me to take photos of the tourists hot spot places back home with the android application called "Smart_Torch Relay" in the frame. In the foremost having been selected among hundreds of other applicants to be a part of the freelance blogger crew to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games was in itself an honor. 
Come September 19 and the city of Incheon will see pool of athletes, sportsmen and game enthusiasts to take part in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Festival. In this 17th Asian Games festival is a specialty in the Torch Relay, having it made electronic and accessible to any one with android smart phone. Thus the promotion of the specialty is in itself an important part. 
Hence, in it's quest; as crew members were assigned, I embarked my journey towards number of historical sites in Thimphu as well as Paro. I took pictures of the tallest standing Buddha Statue in Kuensel Phodrang, the T…

The Conference with the vacation!

Hello Folks!
Yes I am back; and it is rainy in Dhaka as late. While it makes weather to be cool and calm negating the excruciating heat of the time; it creates lots of mud scores on the streets and most often my bus to the class is stranded on the way. But that is fine because I get to sleep more; and well if you say sleeping is the waste of time; I have heard quiet poignant adage saying sleeping is the best meditation! The traffic doesn't help at all! Just as always, the city flocks in huge number of cars, buses and lorries not to mention the bikes and rickshaws that often leads the way outward. Whatsoever, I am back now; and I am cognizant enough to say that now I feel like a doctor with wards and Outpatient Department taking most of my times!

It has been a while, and I admit I am such a lazy one. On it's list was my travel schedule that kept me busy for the past month. Good vacation it was! I was in Mumbai with 12 hour layover on my way to Colombo for World Conference on Y…