Haikus from Dhaka

Dhaka is a busy city. It is no just busy; but a perilous city with never ending rally of cars on the traffic line. The traffic gets so bad that at some point even a mere fifteen minutes travel takes hours to get to. More to it is the the fact that during my stay there I had to travel every day two hours in the heavy traffic to get to class and to be back to my dormitory.

The impoverished public transport system, lack of proper traffic rules and unregulated influx of used foreign vehicles have added to the misery of the city. These have, but caused one man, a student sent there for a 5 year long BDS course, to write some haiku while being stranded in the traffic for hours. It was during one of my woe hours that I have written these lines.

The Street! June 17, 2013

Stalled buses and cars,
Cars hooting and men clattering,
Not Moving at all! 

Man Next to Me, August 23, 2013

Folding Arms, Starring up
Looking, beyond the crowed, 
Lost in thinking!

An Expensive Hotel, Sept 15, 2014

Lush Greenery, sparkling 
Surrounded by the  beggars,
A sparkling palace! 

No Entry Sign; Jan 23, 2015

Standing, labels crossed
Cars moving in, without care
Regardless of its sign! 

Motorcycle, Feb, 17 2015

Waves through the  traffic,
Woman at his back, perilous 
Waves through the traffic! 

Traffic Light in Dhaka; April, 15, 2016

Shone in Green and Red,
Police with his wand in hand
Standing! Controlling traffic!


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