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Winter in Tsirang

When I first got to Tsirang in later weeks of July, the thought that it would be this cold never crossed my mind. The weather then was humid, with sun shinning all day long giving an enigmatic reminiscences of the heat I toiled while studying in Dhaka. I could compare so much with my study days given the hot weather in the peak summer and capricious rain ad hoc in the middle of the day.  And yet, the beautiful summer flowers and ever green of lush grasslands with beautiful parks made me feel like I was living in Swiss Alps. Which in hand is very different from my study place. There was so much in this place that people talked about. The people I work with, all too friendly, exploiting the most vulgar of jokes. 
The winter is rather chilly. My work colleagues probably are among the dirtiest minded people on this earth. For every sentence uttered; they make it sound all too negative which will all the more become a subject of much laughter. One being much more nastier than the last. Bu…

The Scar

She said “Yes” and he was in cloud nine. He couldn't thank her enough and told her he is grateful from the bottom of his heart. “Thank you very much” he said. He couldn't but feel elated and was excited to tell people around him. He did to a few close ones. This took them back to their college days when nights were never old and every lines from chat meant more than what they just wrote.  She was everything he had asked for. She was the answer to his constant prayers. She would tell him he will become the Prime Minister one day, he would kid her back that he wouldn't even aspire without her role in it.
To her he was the first guy she would ever say yes to. She saw him to be different, someone who she thought would change her perspectives in life. She had never thought she’d fall in love. And often times dreamt hermetic life. She would think that the mainstream normal life isn't made for her. As they talked she would tell him that she would go ascetic in caves for spi…

Damphu; Tsirang

So its been almost a month that I am in a new place with new people and with renewed sense of personal beliefs. Tsirang is the place I have been looking forward for since the beginning of the year. And when I finally got to come here; it was a mixed feeling of not wanting to come. But so true are the stories told by many people who have lived here before me. Its a beautiful place with everything close by. My workplace, Damphu General Hospital is about 10 minutes walk from where I live, the General Post Office is next to it; Bhutan Telecom on the other side of the road and Bank of Bhutan near to it. Just above these is the Dzong with all sector heads in it. The market is few minutes walk down these. 
Tsirang is a district five hours drive away from Thimphu. When I first got here; I didn't think much of it. I was left alone in a house rather big for one person, loneliness crept in. I called up few friends and bade them the sense of life they were already busy with. My dog Eta was w…

Haikus from Dhaka

Dhaka is a busy city. It is no just busy; but a perilous city with never ending rally of cars on the traffic line. The traffic gets so bad that at some point even a mere fifteen minutes travel takes hours to get to. More to it is the the fact that during my stay there I had to travel every day two hours in the heavy traffic to get to class and to be back to my dormitory.

The impoverished public transport system, lack of proper traffic rules and unregulated influx of used foreign vehicles have added to the misery of the city. These have, but caused one man, a student sent there for a 5 year long BDS course, to write some haiku while being stranded in the traffic for hours. It was during one of my woe hours that I have written these lines.

The Street! June 17, 2013
Stalled buses and cars, Cars hooting and men clattering, Not Moving at all! 

Man Next to Me, August 23, 2013
Folding Arms, Starring up Looking, beyond the crowed,  Lost in thinking!

An Expensive Hotel, Sept 15, 2014
Lush Greene…


Written in tribute to His Majesty the 4th Dragon King of Bhutan as a part of 60th Birth Anniversary celebration; an initiative of Royal Bhutanese Embassy, Dhaka; Bangladesh.  
In the mystic Kingdom, of land blessed with the prayers of those long gone! The last Shangrila- The land of Medicinal Cypress Lays a tale that’ll resonate for eons from now, The legend spans, in the life that is yet to be foretold,
Long before the coming, the prophecy revealed! By the greatest saint of then, Terton Drukdra Dorji In his prose he read “Oh! The jewel land! From the mom bearing a central tooth as white as the priceless conch Will bear a son that is as white, in his heart and out alike Shall bring eternal peace and prosperity to the Kingdom
As said, the boy was born, unknown to what his fate may bring. Remarkable birth signs: heavens poured, the rainbows shone And in its equanimity- the birds chirped in natural uniformity His younger days had shown; of being a gifted leader
His tutor recalls of what he ask…

Dechen's Guilt

Dechen swayed her hair in sideways. Her eyes sparkled beneath the shiny golden fringes. The lone dimple marked over few curves of her face. The gentle breeze kissed her crimson lips as she sat on the bus that was moving. The chilly weather has reached its peak. She shudders with cold as a man who seats next to her gives her an occasional gaze.
At a time rendezvous, she was lost. She thought of the sun and how it sparkled so vast in its limitless power. The rays shone over her silky hair, she kept thinking what a world would be without it. She thought of the birds chirping and lit of the sun as the bus meandered through wavy roads in the woods. She kept thinking on the fission reaction of atoms and the dreadful temperature in the core of the sun. Her face, now woebegone as she overheard a young girl cry. What made her cry? The roars of tractor that came opposite way, two men driving it – one with muscular hinge of audacity shouting “Long live our beloved king”, the other with mere mimi…