Damphu; Tsirang

So its been almost a month that I am in a new place with new people and with renewed sense of personal beliefs. Tsirang is the place I have been looking forward for since the beginning of the year. And when I finally got to come here; it was a mixed feeling of not wanting to come. But so true are the stories told by many people who have lived here before me. Its a beautiful place with everything close by. My workplace, Damphu General Hospital is about 10 minutes walk from where I live, the General Post Office is next to it; Bhutan Telecom on the other side of the road and Bank of Bhutan near to it. Just above these is the Dzong with all sector heads in it. The market is few minutes walk down these. 

Tsirang is a district five hours drive away from Thimphu. When I first got here; I didn't think much of it. I was left alone in a house rather big for one person, loneliness crept in. I called up few friends and bade them the sense of life they were already busy with. My dog Eta was with me; So I cuddled her up and slept of for the Sunday next day which turned out just as dull. 

After joining the office, I have come into terms with life here now; almost. Life in districts are rather slow and pacifying. Social life has caught me up that has left me drinking many times at different occasions. People are lovely. My hospital staffs are very welcoming; and show genuine sincerity towards their professions. Every one works hard! 

Sunday Market consists of fresh organic vegetables, other farm products and a few imported cloth stalls. Much of these products are shipped to Thimphu on the same day, so we go to buy the vegetables at 6 am in the morning! But the price we pay for this early visit is worth it. We get good vegetables all in fresh aroma. 

But the best thing is Damphu isn't the fresh vegetables or the processed local meat. It is the park I love to visit all too frequently. Just aside to the turfed football ground is a huge park area developed under the initiative of current Dzongdag. Its a place for cycling (I plan to get one soon) with vast views of mountains and some wild flowers I cannot name. You can't help comparing it with Swiss Alps. 

But all is true to the adage that says that 'a place is only as good as people in it are'; I have come to the likes of many of my co workers. They are great people with earnest sense of professionalism. 


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