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"The Little Blue Mouse"

Me saw a little blue mouse in my room As blue as as the ocean sweeps aloft ove' broom Unto these mended darkened floor And then swipes of an eye with pearl thee lure!  
Then it swirls up and cometh me bed;  Flat me lie in my sheets rolled with endings met!  Curtsied like you have a demons hide In heft of tiredness pants a glowing eyed 
On one corners a black cat lie  pshhh, pshhh, the tamed cat fly In it's cast of ransom will Oh! the poor beauty of blue mouse chill
Full terror the flights in blue mouse hatched! Of his bones a coral made; with a eyes peaked on yacht  Yonder of the vile be a oceans made  Farewell on a yacht shall blue mouse fade
The black cat sees the pearls in blue mouse eye Reflecting in the sense of his own sight !  Nothing in him that doth tell him its not right!  For prey he shall as the blue mouse die. 
Off me furled my white sheet away  ove' tattering blue mouse should it sway Lo, caught did me a Blue Mouse in my sheet The black cat bought its fury o…

Of Love and Break Ups

I slipped in lonely the day you left The moon never shine on to me so heft The songs of heaven, in my eyes that strand Watching the stars fly and time at still stand 
As I roll the sheet in white and I turned pale  I dream of you and only you my gurl  In the shady darkness you will come  And drive my tears by holding me furl 
From the humid weather and empty faces  I plea not to leave; My Helen of troy be!  And my One and Only  For you I dream always ;  And on you  I dream, until God doth stop me! _