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Remote Bangladesh

So it's true! That I didn't learn until late that 'village people are the real practitioner of values and town people only prattle of it'. Fun it was, as it should have been, on a tour to remote Bangladesh with classmates for Clinical Out reach trip. The cry was pretty fowl as rather we found ourselves standing in front of the camera tow so often. The hundreds of acres of tea garden are mesmerizing! The pound with croaks of frogs makes sleep an expensive affair! Well, croaks are no visuals but a displeasing aura! The visual beauty  is the lone moon giving it's blissful rays over the giant silents plains!

In the mood oft; a train whistles it's truncated blow; through the plains of  eternal extension it sways; of meandering yet straightened; on sunken hills a far! Hundreds alike in odd hours! Travel is an inevitable facet of life. But that didn't scared me. On a high up in sky was the vastness of sky, with a glittering forage of busing stars. The Capricorn o…

The Journey ( Part II )

Thus we reached  Bhutan! And Phuntsholing it was. Heading into a restaurant directly, we ordered everything that we think is Bhutanese to relish our yearlong not-having-Bhutanese-dish period. The hair didn't do its best trick since last night's journey; so I caught myself into the bathroom to have those pesky dusts go off me. We had what we asked for. Food we wanted; and food we ate; pointing out how we craved for Bhutanese dish for being away from home all year and eating Alu Paratha.
The eating came as a disguise when we reached Gedu. My friend, a benign shy guy presumptuously made a big sound fart. I looked at him with full of question and he gags of with sly smile. "Probably the fermented curd didn't make my stomach well", says he. "It shouldn't matter as long as you don't fart in front of me like a dog", I remarked. "I wasn't alone when I had those mixed red rice with fermented curd and dried beef curry; you may not be as far"…

The Journey ( Part I )

Yes; the journey started; of uncool humid heat that suffice the second dirtiest city in the world to a hefty place of family and friends. Life isn't just fair to say that everything is good; neither has life been an astounding journey to me. Yet being secluded in general drama of opening the books late night and wiping away the sleep in early morning; it was a generous gift, a holiday. The thought hadn't crossed my mind until our next semester exam got scheduled a month later; therefore; it was a head on start.

The sun didn't approve of our late bidding to tickets; and it was dusk before we cautiously prepared for a whole night journey. The flight is much gentler; I did realize. The constant bumps in the butt and the truncated horn in the middle of sleep do not usually deserve better commentaries. Neither does the swift of wind which is flawed as the mighty carrier slowed. The apparent fluctuation in fuel tank fill up doesn't help the despair either. The game was on a…

"The Little Blue Mouse"

Me saw a little blue mouse in my room As blue as as the ocean sweeps aloft ove' broom Unto these mended darkened floor And then swipes of an eye with pearl thee lure!  
Then it swirls up and cometh me bed;  Flat me lie in my sheets rolled with endings met!  Curtsied like you have a demons hide In heft of tiredness pants a glowing eyed 
On one corners a black cat lie  pshhh, pshhh, the tamed cat fly In it's cast of ransom will Oh! the poor beauty of blue mouse chill
Full terror the flights in blue mouse hatched! Of his bones a coral made; with a eyes peaked on yacht  Yonder of the vile be a oceans made  Farewell on a yacht shall blue mouse fade
The black cat sees the pearls in blue mouse eye Reflecting in the sense of his own sight !  Nothing in him that doth tell him its not right!  For prey he shall as the blue mouse die. 
Off me furled my white sheet away  ove' tattering blue mouse should it sway Lo, caught did me a Blue Mouse in my sheet The black cat bought its fury o…

Of Love and Break Ups

I slipped in lonely the day you left The moon never shine on to me so heft The songs of heaven, in my eyes that strand Watching the stars fly and time at still stand 
As I roll the sheet in white and I turned pale  I dream of you and only you my gurl  In the shady darkness you will come  And drive my tears by holding me furl 
From the humid weather and empty faces  I plea not to leave; My Helen of troy be!  And my One and Only  For you I dream always ;  And on you  I dream, until God doth stop me! _

Bhutan China India Triangle

By Rajeev Sharma

This article seeks to examine the growing strategic and diplomatic importance of Bhutan for its big neighbours: China and India. China has recently intensified its efforts to woo Bhutan and engage with it directly, despite the lack of diplomatic ties between them.

To improve relations with Bhutan, China first has to resolve its border dispute with the tiny Himalayan nation. China shares a 470-km-long border with Bhutan. The border is not formally demarcated and the border dispute is a major source of irritant between the two countries that hasn’t been resolved even after they have had 19 rounds of talks so far. China claims a large chunk of the border territories, stretching from Doklam in the west and then from Gamochen to Batangla, Sinchela, and down to the Amo Chhu. The disputed area in Doklam covers 89 square kilometers, while the disputed areas in Sinchulumpa and Gieu cover about 180 sq kms. Frequent Chinese incursions into Bhutan have added to tensions in Sino-…

Bhutan And China: Two Friendly Dragons? – Analysis

May 30, 2013

Bhutan has had many rounds of talks regarding border dispute, but never a high level interaction with the Chinese government. The recent meetings between Prime Minister Jigme Thinley of Bhutan and Premier Wen Jiabao of China in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 came as a surprise to many especially to India, which sees Bhutan as its closest ally.

Will this sour the ties between India and Bhutan? How is Bhutan balancing both these powers which are also its immediate neighbours? Bhutan today cannot afford to support one and antagonize another because of its geo-strategic compulsions.
Souring Relations with India?

The first official diplomatic relation Bhutan established was with India, which was concretized with the signing of Indo-Bhutan friendship treaty in 1949. After Article (2) of the Treaty that read, “Bhutan agrees to be guided by the advice of the government of India in regard to its external relations” was finally deleted in 2007, Bhutan opened its door for other countri…

Bhutan: Democratically Challenged? – Analysis

May 21, 2013
By Marian Gallenkamp

There are a number of analysts and activists who would strongly reject the question mark at the end of this commentary’s title, and instead replace it with an exclamation mark. Then there are others, whose romanticized vision of a last ‘Shangri La’ cloud their perspective on the, not so romantic, reality of politics and governance. In seeking the middle ground between the activist and the idealist, this piece tries to disentangle and rectify some of the objections and criticism most commonly voiced against Bhutanese democracy.

Firstly, time and again, the sincerity of Bhutan’s unique transition to democracy has been questioned. More precisely, the intentions of His Majesty the fourth king of Bhutan have been viewed with suspicion on the ground that his move towards democracy was merely a PR-stunt to gain international legitimacy, avoid public pressure, satisfy his subjects’ demands for participation and ultimately secure the position of the monar…

The Queen and Little Kid

Off I ride the the life, and beauty I see. There are so many beautiful moments in life that we observe. And of so many; some are very special a dearer. I have always been felt blessed given an enormous amount of moments of bliss I have had. Just yesterday, was another one moment.
Baby Kezang is a small kid, probably around 7 years. I have known her for sometime; and been on with talks with her few times. As mart little kiddo, who would turn up any of your conversation to period. Not so long ago, I had a chance to take her out for ice cream with three other little kids. I gave them an icecream each; all of them, took their turn in taking the icecream without any complaint up until Baby Kezang popped up and said she is not having the same icecream and every body is having!. It took me long to convince her that there were no other icecream better.
Just few moments later; we got on with playing the characters. The first one wanted to be Cinderella. the second snow White; and the third …

Wangyels Adventure

Wangyel was with Divine comedy; when his friend Lhazey asked him out on New years Eve. He was just done with Hugo’s Les Miserable's the previous night and was just on with Dante’s work. Besides having volumes of medical books like Grays Anatomy, Guyton’s Physiology and Harpers Biochemistry; his love for literature wasn’t taken away by those medics. He read, and his problem was that he never actually saw all fantasies in life; a flying man, epitome of legendary heroes and the journey through hell. He most of the times found himself questioning; "’Are all author’s in Liars pant?’

But it was out of blue that Lhazey asked for him today. He felt his love return after so many times nagging Lhazey for her beauty and telling her thousand times in his humors that she is the girl he cared most. It wasn’t long since he met Lhazey first in a Supermarket. Living in a lone room, a man of 55kilograms studying medicine with height as average to 174 cm needed to cook his vegetarian  cuisine …