The Journey ( Part II )

Thus we reached  Bhutan! And Phuntsholing it was. Heading into a restaurant directly, we ordered everything that we think is Bhutanese to relish our yearlong not-having-Bhutanese-dish period. The hair didn't do its best trick since last night's journey; so I caught myself into the bathroom to have those pesky dusts go off me. We had what we asked for. Food we wanted; and food we ate; pointing out how we craved for Bhutanese dish for being away from home all year and eating Alu Paratha.

The eating came as a disguise when we reached Gedu. My friend, a benign shy guy presumptuously made a big sound fart. I looked at him with full of question and he gags of with sly smile. "Probably the fermented curd didn't make my stomach well", says he. "It shouldn't matter as long as you don't fart in front of me like a dog", I remarked. "I wasn't alone when I had those mixed red rice with fermented curd and dried beef curry; you may not be as far", he smiles.

My friend was right; just before he asked the driver to stop for five minutes my internal started to gurgle its laugh. I thanked heaven it was not me asking for the stop; but why should any god punish me for what I said to my friend?. I didn't tell him that I have had it because it would limper my ability to blame him during the farts. So I started farting silently; and often times went on blaming him for several times. He probably thought he had bad paunch and accepted graciously until he realized he wasn't doing it anymore. He asked fervently if I am doing it; to which I gave him a surprised NO. He started blaming a young girl in front of us. And I agreed, and told him she probably might have had her lunch from the same restaurant.

We were at Tsimasham; and the bus stopped for a meal. There was no slightest sense of meal within my head but the place to relieve my growling stomach. The moment bus stopped; I saw my friend rushing towards toilet. But heavens! Why can't you bless us another separate one?. There were 6 people in line and we had to be on. My rectum was a paining hard then; and probably my hiding did not help any longer. My friend who was right in front in the line looked at me with a wry laugh. I kept pretending I was not in line for my unveiling paunch but for a piss. It did not help. He laughed; and he announced it all; "so you were pointing at me all the time in the bus about the fart and it was you! I even thought it was the girl in front". I did not care to say anything because any fluctuation in body balance could have gotten my rectal content forcefully out. I took my hands on wall; and tried protruding the back part; that helped a little, but the force was inevitable. The smear six people amid their rush of sphincter muscles looked at me; and just then my turn came.

I delivered the largest poop ever in my life! My friend who was in next door laughed hearing the disgruntled sound of gas and liquid hissing out of that tightly regulated rectal muscles. Amid busy pouring out I shouted with my eyes closed "shut up Samden", but he continued laughing. Well, when finally I thought I was relieved another round came and I had to repeat it all. Darn! Why does our body metabolism regulated in such a way! I wish it was voluntary muscle to cut it down when I wished it should not come. But the worst point is; it still haunted me even after I got home! I told the story to my sister; and she gave a hearty laugh! I concluded; I would eat less during travels! But the epithet is "I wish I had money to travel for 2 hours flight!"


  1. Seems like a great journey bro! ;D Flying would be just too boring in comparison don't ya think?

  2. haha I didn't know you would be that funny


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