The Journey ( Part I )

Yes; the journey started; of uncool humid heat that suffice the second dirtiest city in the world to a hefty place of family and friends. Life isn't just fair to say that everything is good; neither has life been an astounding journey to me. Yet being secluded in general drama of opening the books late night and wiping away the sleep in early morning; it was a generous gift, a holiday. The thought hadn't crossed my mind until our next semester exam got scheduled a month later; therefore; it was a head on start.

The sun didn't approve of our late bidding to tickets; and it was dusk before we cautiously prepared for a whole night journey. The flight is much gentler; I did realize. The constant bumps in the butt and the truncated horn in the middle of sleep do not usually deserve better commentaries. Neither does the swift of wind which is flawed as the mighty carrier slowed. The apparent fluctuation in fuel tank fill up doesn't help the despair either. The game was on and I had just ridden 1/6th of the journey! Well, life is about hitting on the road when one is not among the league of extra ordinary flyers!

A sudden jerk on the front seat shook the sleeping giant up; only to see a lady creeping her late dinner out! The mimicked mixture of white rice with pieces of chicken shrouded the unfortunate part of metal trunk outside. The odor wasn't any way great! The hospice back in my college hospital would have had a better one! The endurance on that flicked seat had to be me beside. "This is a great f**king journey"; it kept me thinking. The thought of offering her water didn't crossed my mind either; but then the bus came to a halt; it was 5 past midnight! And they claim we have something as midnight lunch! I certainly knew we were not celebrating a sub-saharan tribal midnight meal; so I made myself overturned.

The rejuvenated flock came back in and in another five minutes the leftover work was being done by the cart we were on; there difference however is, we didn't have horses’ in-front. The next blink saw myself in Indian border of West Bengal. The frenzy windshield sliding makes it a better place to be in. The rear mirror gave a reflection of a daunted man with his hair done with natural afro! The clear look reveals greases of fine dusts within the crypts of coarse wavy hair. A hand comb between those waves didn't deter the stoutness of its stand. The face sly, wicked with patches of fine dusts and sands! I gave myself a tattered smile and walked towards immigration point.

The line was never ending; and before I was done with it; the clock ticked half passed three. Anxious! As might I be able to get a cab to pile on the Indian plains! A sheepish friend of mine wasn't keen on doing any great bargain and thus ended up getting a van along the roughest road in India. The bumps were even more petrifying! A coke from nearby little pan shop got us going! The thought that we would relish the delicious order of hefty Bhutanese meal got us going. Alas, the border gate greeted us in it’s' hallow remark of "WELCOME TO BHUTAN".
........................................................................................................(to be continued)....................... 


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